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Jul 26, 2003· The black Panzer beret and the feldgrau Sturmartillerie beret were both withdrawn from service by Heer order HM 41, Nr 64 dated 14 January, 1941. By this time AFV crews had all but abandoned it on their own, preferring to wear their side caps, since is was bulky and was almost impossible to wear headphones while wearing it.

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Feb 11, 2020· Panzer Beret Cover An original cover with the national emblem and wreath correctly factory machine sewn, the insignia is in white thread on black cloth, white indicating an early insignia. The cover shows the correct circular weaving and 'tail' and is displayed with an early Bundeswehr helmet shell. $2,750.00 SOLD

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WW2 German Elite Panzer Beret / Panzer-SchutzmützeDesign and printing by Brickssoldier. This headgear consisted of the soft padded crash helmet, which served to protect the heads of the panzer crew from injuries sustained when the vehicle was motoring over rough terrain, and the black cover. The helmet was circular in shape and manufactured with 1.5cm thick felt or red rubber sponge.

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The German army Panzer wrap comes in pink waffenfarbe but other armoured crews had different waffenfarbe – please specify while ordering. World War Two (ww2, wwii) German (Weacht – Heeres) army M1934 Black Panzer uniform Black tie: The black tie worn with grey shirt and panzerwrap is available for US$ 20/pc delivered.

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German SS Panzer Overseas Cap- Black Wool Side Cap. $24.95 VIEW DETAILS. German Waffen SS NCO Crusher Cap - Field Grey Wool with Metal Badges. $59.95 VIEW DETAILS. German WWI M1907 Feldmützen Cap. $29.95 VIEW DETAILS ...

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WWI GERMAN MAUSER C96 BROOMHANDLE HOLSTER RIG FOR STOCK BLACK REPRODUCTION. $39.97. Trending at $45.56. German WWII P38 Softshell Black Leather Holster (Repro) "MARKED" $24.85. Trending at ... replica ww2 german camo dott44 panzer uniforms pants 36 x 32 tunic 46 - 44. $75.00 +$15.05 shipping. Make Offer - replica ww2 german camo dott44 panzer ...

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h023770 em/nco's black panzer beret/crash helmet. h087673 panzer officer's m38 overseas cap. tropical field caps. (tropeneinheits feldmütze) h085276 em/nco's m40 tropical field cap. h063877 em/nco's m40 tropical field cap. h036279 em/nco's m40 tropical field cap. ...

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What is interesting is the bullion cockade, it looks to be the Panzer beret type being sought in this thread Notice the Panzer black wool background above the cockade that the bullion is hand embroidered into. Makes me speculate if a Recon officer took the wreath from or intended for his beret and had it …

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The black Panzer beret/crash helmet consisted of a separate, removable beret fitted to an underlying, formed, protective crash helmet. On its introduction the insignia for the beret was a white oak-leaf wreath and a national tri-color cockade excluding the national eagle.

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WW2 German Black Panzer Beret / Schutzmütze PanzertruppenDesign and printing by Brickssoldier. This headgear consisted of the soft padded crash helmet, which served to protect the heads of the panzer crew from injuries sustained when the vehicle was motoring over rough terrain, and the black cover. The helmet was circular in shape and manufactured with 1.5cm thick felt or red rubber sponge.

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Hessen Antique is your source for original German army Bundeswehr Hats, helmets and berets, Flecktarn clothing and gear, insignia and other collectible items. All of our Bundeswehr headgear are original, Bw issue items and are all made in Germany.

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Mar 07, 2013· Panzer crew headgear After discarding the ungainly black panzer beret in January 1941, the black panzer overseas cap was issued to panzer crews as the replacement. This cap was compact, light-weight and easy to store. It was essentially the same overseas cap as worn by the rest of the Waffen-SS with exception of the colour.


Dec 09, 2018· All their guys wore a plain black beret with the wreathed panzer badge in either metal or bullion. I suspect this is from much earlier and was discontinued some time pre-80s. (And the recon work the same black with a different badge, mech guys wore green berets.) Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. MattS

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This is a super rare panzer officers beret with bullion insignia and its original helmet made by Erel. The beret has bullion officers insignia which are almost never seen. I was told that this was from Michael Beaver collection. This is a spectacular piece of Panzer headgear. Click on …

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Feb 21, 2013· With the creation of the new Panzer arm of the German Army in 1934, a special style of uniform was designed and issued for wear by all ranks. Known as Sonderbekleidung der Deutschen Pantertruppen (special uniform for German armoured troops) this new uniform exemplified the elite status of the new arm and was regarded as highly prestigious.

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Oct 26, 2013· Black Panzer Headgear. In the timeframe of 1938 when the Army was using the black panzer beret, the motorized units of the Regiment Hermann Göring also acquired them for use. These were found to be quite cumbersome and were discarded before the beginning of the war. The more practical cap, the overseas, was used instead.


army em/nco's black panzer beret/crash helmet. (Schutzm tze) This is a scarce example of an iconic piece of headgear which consists of a machine spun, black wool construction, detachable beret and a separate, black wool covered, protective crash helmet with a heavy internal padding.

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Sep 21, 2016· The Black Panzer Beret (Schutzmütze) One beret-like hat I often come across while researching historic berets, is the Schutzmütze, the black "Panzer Beret" of the Nazi's German army. I have long resisted, for obvious reasons, but of course, it is still a real part of beret history.

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Covers officer visor, overseas caps, field caps, and any cloth headgear.

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Jul 22, 2011· Around 1970, both Panzer and Airborne units were issued coloured berets, Black and Red respectively, the badges being same design as current ones, but were deviod of the national flag motif at the base of the badge, in the late 70's all units were issued the beret, and all badges sported the flag emblem. Hope this helps. Prost ! Steve.

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