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Guodun Armor Technology

Guodun Armor Technology, over fourteen (14) years supplier of Ballistic Materials, Body Armor, PPE, UHMwPE fiber and its applications. Helped a large number of manufactures succeed and main products are UHMWPE fiber, Aramid Fabric for anti-ballistic helmet, High performance UHMwPE UD for lightest soft and hard armor, Body Armor, Bulletproof Vest, Aramid Helmet, SAPI/ESAPI Hard Inserts ...

Tactical & Military Vest - Rothco

Rothco's military and tactical vest collection include tactical molle plate carrier vests, tactical cross draw vests, swat and police style vests and more. Rothco's vests are ideal for in the field training purposes, MilSim and more.

Kevlar Fabric | United States | ArmorCo Advanced Armor ...

ArmorCo's bullet resistant armor systems are non-ricochet so the products actually catch the bullet or projectile and does not offer a threat to other individuals or innocent bystanders. We also offer custom sizes in Soft Ballistic Panels for body armor and water jet cutting of the pressed panels into custom …

Body Armor | Bullet Proof Kevlar Concealable Armor For Sale

SafeGuard is the premium provider of high-quality, affordable bullet, stab and spikeproof vests. We are committed to developing and distributing a wide range of ballistic, tactical, concealable and lightweight protective carriers to promote the safety of law enforcement agents, military operatives, media personnel, civilians and security agents.

Body Armor Outlet

Body Armor Outlet offers high quality Body Armor, Tactical Gear, and Uniforms at affordable prices.

How to make a bullet proof armor vest at home ...

It's my understanding that a flack vest has 16 layers of kevlar (this may have been the number needed in the 70s). Anyway, a flak vest will only stop flak and not a bullet (except maybe .32s, .25s, etc). I think for a vest to be rated to stop a rifle round (.223, 7.62x39) it would have to include plates - either ceramic aloy or laminated kevlar.

Ballistic Tactical Body Armor Vests for sale | eBay

Defensive ballistic vests are a common type of armor. Although they are intended to resist bullets, they are designed for certain uses. Vests rated at levels two to three are effective against common calibers, such as .44 and .357 Magnums. These types are classified as soft armor because they are made of Kevlar or similar fibers.

Bulletproof Vest, Protective Safety Clothing

Talos Ballistics is committed to providing the latest in NIJ IIIA bulletproof clothing, bulletproof backpacks, bulletproof inserts and panels, bulletproof vest, covert body armor, tactical gear and custom NIJ IIIA bulletproof solutions for people and animals in need of unfaltering personal protection. The Talos Ballistics team specializes in custom protective clothing and continuously work to ...

Wonder Hoodie | Award Winning Bulletproof Clothing ...

USA made bulletproof clothing rated NIJ IIIA (9mm, .44 mag) for men, women, and children. The world's first bulletproof hoodie with head protection. Shop for stabproof clothing and the best bulletproof jacket, bulletproof shirt, bulletproof vest, bulletproof backpack, bulletproof suit, and cheap bulletproof clothing

Body Armor & Tactical Plate Carriers | Ballistic Protection

Plate Carriers & Body Armor. Military and law enforcement professionals are faced with countless life-threatening situations. Dependable body armor and tactical plate carriers provides a crucial added layer of life-saving protection. When choosing armor, it's important your ballistic protection meets NIJ standard 0101.06.

Bulletproof Vests & Body Armor – Security Pro USA

Best Body Armor Crafted with Superior Quality High Grade Body Armor For Law & Enforcement Buy Best Quality Heavy Duty Body Armor For Every Situation, NIJ Certified Ballistic Armor Level IIIA, III, III, III LW, IV, For more than 20 years; Security Pro USA has long been regarded by law enforcement agencies as The source for concealable vests, hard body armor, stab proof armor, rifle plates and …

Bulletproof Suit – Garrison Bespoke

This past year, Garrison Bespoke worked alongside suppliers for the US 19th Special Forces in developing the custom bullet-proof suit. Using nanotechnology, it's comprised of the same carbon nanotubes designed for the US troops' uniforms in Iraq.

Armor | Safariland

Armor. Showing 1–20 of 167. Brand. Hardwire® ... Non-Ballistic Shoulders for Shift 360™ ...

Armor Plates – IWEAPONS®

The highest protection of these ballistic vests is III-A (3-A), that's why all our bullet proof vests come with this protection level. We also produce armor plates in level III (3) and IV (4) for higher ballistic protection, these plates can resist rifle rounds, while level IIIA bulletproof vests …

Bulletproof Fashion for Men: Extreme Clothing for the ...

Jun 15, 2016· 'We generally use Kevlar for anti-ballistic gear, but for some of our lighter protective clothing we use Dyneema, which offers very good protection but is somewhat lighter,' says Marks.

MAXX-DRI VESTS - Body Armor Ventilation – 221B Tactical

Our Maxx-Dri Vests create a separation (space) between your body and your body armor, allowing heat and moisture (perspiration) to escape. ... Maxx-Dri 4.0 Silver Elite Anti-Odor/Rash System. $ 118.00 $ 132.00. Select Options. Phantom Plate Carrier Full Package with Armor Plates. $ 397.00.

Ballistic Helmets | Bulletproof Kevlar Helmets | Best ...

The modern ballistic helmet was designed to protect soldiers from shrapnel, fragmentation as well as handgun rounds. At Security Pro USA, all of our ballistic helmets offer level IIIA protection under NIJ standard 0106.01 for soft body armor. Which combined with its low weight, high performance, and multi-layer casing to create the ultimate ...

Body Armor | Ballistic Protection | Tactical Vest | Kevlar ...

This police vest carrier incorporates fully integrated communication technology, including a smart on-body camera, and has a professional profile that allows the ballistic vest to be worn over police uniforms. This tactical vest carrier is also made from a Syntex …

Bulletproof Ladies Choices - Bulletproof Vest, Protective ...

Aug 14, 2020· Bullet Blocker Bulletproof Ladies Choices. View Our H.P. WHITE LABORATORY NIJ-STD-0101.06 Testing Performance Certification


For more than 30 years, we have made it our mission to design and manufacture superior body armor and protective equipment. Made in the U. S. A., U.S. Armor products are unmatched in level of comfort, quality and value.

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