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Ballistic Glass and Armor Solutions, LLC takes the market lead in becoming the first and only single source provider to harden any facility in jeopardy. For the first time, one company, manufactures all of the components, and provides all of the expertise needed to provide Ballistic Glazing, Ballistic Window Framing, Ballistic Transaction ...

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The armored glass used has top quality ballistic capabilities and used with custom features in order to maintain ballistic performance at high temperature. In brief, it has very high-quality optical characteristics and can be tinted in manufacturing if required. Manufacturing

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Oct 04, 2017· Framing systems for this glass can also be bullet resistant to offer added protection. Three common types of ballistic security glass are bulletproof acrylic, laminated polycarbonate, and glass clad polycarbonate. These types of glass are rated on …

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AGP Defense is also able to address custom ballistic requirements, which include designing transparent armor systems that maintain their ballistic integrity in extreme environments and against multi-hit threats. In the last ten years, AGP has sold more than 500.000 pieces of flat and curved bullet-resistant glass.

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Up to NIJ Level IV Protection in a mobile platform. Provides overlapping coverage between opaque armor pieces as well as between opaque and transparent armor. User replaceable armor and glass in the field without tools. Entire unit can be assembled without tools. Can be anchored to the ground.

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This design allows us significant latitude to almost any ballistic threat from .9mm handguns to .30-06 armor piercing rounds. Combining the the obvious advantages of glass and polycarbonate provides three primary benefits over ALL-Glass composites. #1= Thickness and weight savings up to 60% over conventional ALL-Glass systems. #2= Multiple ...

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This Shot Protect "bulletproof" fiberglass structural armor is designed to meet various opaque ballistic requirements and is available in both stock sheets (3′ x 8′, 4′ x 5′, or 4′ x 8′) and custom sizes. Fiberglass structural armor offers excellent bullet resistance that is ideal for a range of security requirements.


If you have a need for custom glass lamination… we are the right choice to partner with. Ballistic Can Be Beautiful. BGAS not only manufactures ballistic glass to keep you safe, we can make it beautiful also. Custom logo imprints, etching, custom paint on glass, custom full color prints as inner layers, and whatever you can imagine ...

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Looking for a custom armored Land Rover Defender 4×4 truck? Armormax is excited to work with conversions companies in the US and UK that restore and build the Defender 90 and Defender 110 where we can apply our lightweight technology to improve the already best-in-class restored vehicle. We wanted to armor the Defender and keep the premium feel that the classic Defender offers while …

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Ballistic Glass and Armor Solutions has incorporated vast Ballistic experience into the design and production of this new line of Deployable Ballistic Partitions. These are designed to be aesethetically pleasing and unobtrusive, BUT, provide Full...

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LEVELS AVAILABLE. BR1 - BR2 - BR3 BR4 - BR5 - BR6 - BR7. All levels are tested by a 3rd party ballistic laboratory

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Custom Ballistic Armor Solutions from AAM is designed and manufactured utilizing advanced composite ballistic materials. This allows our team to work with our clients in developing a best-case armoring solution for every application. Innovation, Performance, and …


BALLISTIMAXSUPPORTWEAPONS DETECTIONFEVER DETECTION & PPE PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Lightweight Transparent Armor Defeats the AR-15 & AK-47 Rifle Threats Custom Sizing & Installed by Retrofit Weighs 11 pounds per square …

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International Armoring Corporation armors various models of Ford trucks, with the most popular among them being the armored F150. The new and improved F150 now comes with an aluminum-alloy body, which makes the F150 lighter than it's ever been, but with more towing & hauling capabilities.

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VEHICLE ARMOR Ballistic Vehicle Door Panels and Windows Citizen Armor is your source for the highest level of vehicle armoring aviable for ivilians. We offer both Standar Vechicle Armor that covers door panels, door windows and your bulletproof windshield insert and for greater protection we offer our Comprehensive Vehicle Armor package.

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Description Grand Theft Auto V. The Ballistic Equipment appeared as Military-issued heavy ballistic armor, akin to a bomb suit, complete with a protective helmet and glass shield to protect the wearer's face.It includes protective layers for the upper and lower side of the body, as well as for the limbs (except the right upper arm, where it lacks a protective layer).


BALLISTIC GLASS & ARMOR SOLUTIONS "WHEN SECONDS COUNT, WE GIVE YOU MINUTES." "SAVING LIVES, PROTECTING ASSETS" We are fully committed to this single objective, and we do what we do exceptionally well. To insure that only the very best materials, the very best workmanship, and the very best solution is provided to you.

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Protection Level Centigon transparent armor is tested to meet a variety of threat levels from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level IIA to the European CEN 1063 B7 (UL10) level of protection in both flat and curved glass, including. 50 caliber ballistic protection. Custom threat level configurations are also available for a wide range ...

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The modern ballistic helmet was designed to protect soldiers from shrapnel, fragmentation as well as handgun rounds. At Security Pro USA, all of our ballistic helmets offer level IIIA protection under NIJ standard 0106.01 for soft body armor. Which combined with its low weight, high performance, and multi-layer casing to create the ultimate ...

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The thickness of the armor plates increases to withstand fire from calibers up to 7.62 rounds, used by the always popular and commonly found AK-47s. The vehicle's armored protection is suitable for travel into hostile territories with optional upgrades including floor blast protection, ballistic glass, run …

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