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The Kriegsmarine (German pronunciation: [ˈkʁiːksmaˌʁiːnə], lit. '"War Navy"') was the navy of Nazi Germany from 1935 to 1945. It superseded the Imperial German Navy of the German Empire (1871–1918) and the inter-war Reichsmarine (1919–1935) of the Weimar Republic.The Kriegsmarine was one of three official branches, along with the Heer and the Luftwaffe of the Weacht, the German ...

WWII Silk Maps and Cloth Maps Escape Maps

During WWII the US and Britian produced in excess of 3.5 million silk maps and cloth maps, known as escape maps, for Allied personnel. The history of these silk maps and cloth maps used as escape maps is recounted along with extensive photos of WWII silk, cloth and tissue paper escape maps.

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Pre-Confederation. Navy music dates back to the era in which the Military of New France was the primary military force of the region. Musical units were primarily attached to the Compagnies Franches de la Marine and the Troupes de la marine, both of which were autonomous naval infantry units attached to the French Royal Navy.Each unit of the Compagnies Franches de la Marine contained two drums ...

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May 22, 2004· The black uniform was increasingly seldom seen, eventually being worn only by part-time Allgemeine-SS reservists. The last ceremonial event at which the black uniforms were worn "en masse" was the Berlin victory parade following the fall of France in June 1940. In 1942, Himmler ordered most all of the black uniforms recalled and stripped of ...

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New Look for Navy? The well-known look of bell-bottomed dungarees may soon be "out of style" for the Navy. The reason for the fashion fracas is a six-month "test" of two new types of dungaree uniforms worn by the Navy's junior enlisted Sailors aboard ships, including the aircraft carriers USS Nimitz (CVN-68) and USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74).. Master Chief Electrician's Mate (AW/SS) Steven R ...

The Ranks of the British Army during the Second World War

Northwest Africa Campaign (1942-1943) Italian Campaign (1943-1945) Balkan Campaigns and The Aegean (1940-1941) Balkan Campaigns, The Aegean and The Adriatic (1942-1945) Near East Campaigns (1940-1945) Africa, Mediterranean and Near East: Miscellaneous Campaigns

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The Spanish Army (Spanish: Ejército de Tierra; lit. "Army of the Land/Ground") is the terrestrial army of the Spanish Armed Forces responsible for land-based military operations. It is one of the oldest active armies — dating back to the late 15th century. However, it could be considered even older if the Visigothic Kingdom of Toledo is taken into account.

1/6th Scale Custom DiD German 17th SS Comanding Officer 2 ...

1/6th Scale Custom DiD German 17th SS Comanding Officer. Werner Ostendorff (15 August 1903 – 1 May 1945) was a German SS-general during World War II who served as chief of staff of the II SS Panzer Corps and divisional commander of the SS Division Das Reich. He died of wounds in May 1945. This is a 2 figure lot, one in dress uniform.

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The Spanish Navy (Spanish: Armada Española) is the maritime branch of the Spanish Armed Forces and one of the oldest active naval forces in the world. The Spanish navy was responsible for a number of major historic achievements in navigation, the most famous being the voyages of Christopher Columbus to America and the first global circumnavigation by Magellan and Elcano.

The 25 coolest and craziest nicknames given WWII weapons

Soldiers, sailosr and aviators are an inventive lot & often come up with amusing, even witty nick-names for weapons and stuff (artillery, tanks, planes, ships, ...) They are cool names for military equipment. Nickname a enemy gives a weapon is very interesting and helps define the weapon in a unique way. On this post we'll try give you some of the craziest weapon's nicknames


A two-piece herringbone twill work and tropical combat uniform similar to army designs. The jacket shows USN stamped over the left pocket, which was the practice of the time for Navy HBT uniforms. The Navy jacket had the large front pockets set noticeably lower …

SS Dixie Arrow Sinking After Torpedo Hits | The World War ...

The United States began convoy operations in May 1942, and her shipyards produced escorts in large numbers by 1944. But the first U-Boat sunk by the United States Navy, U-656, wasn't until March 1, 1942, and the first sinking by a surface ship wasn't until April 14, when USS Roper (DD-147) sank the U-85.

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Original pre-1945 Nazi relics and German militaria bought and sold. We buy and sell WWII German daggers, swords, uniforms, helmets, hats, medals, badges, flags and more!

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Provenance: Some military uniforms will have the original soldier's name embroidered or written on the uniform itself. This information can be helpful to know when gauging the price of a particular item you're looking at. Military branch: Some examples include a WWII Army uniform or a WWII Navy uniform along with other branches.

German Medals – German WWII SS Honor Badge

Instituted in August 1940, this early combat shield was awarded to Weacht personnel who participated in the Narvik Norway campaign . Field gray backed for wear with the Heer uniform. Zinc construction. $375. More Photos. 1410MAB4 - Rare Iron Cross 2nd Class by Schinkle. Early Iron Cross with distinctive Schinkle form. $250. More Photos

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WWII Gear. Reproduction German Uniforms, U.S. GI Uniforms, Helmets, Militaria, Field Gear, Edged Weapons, Insignia and More. We supply Collectors, Reenactment groups, Film and Theater with high quality functional WWI and WWII military reproductions.

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Jul 28, 2020· Army uniforms of the Weacht in the Second World War. German insignia and special uniforms for the Western Desert an the Eastern Front.. Rest of a group of German infantrymen. The field-gray uniform of the Weacht was a further development of the German uniform used during World War One.The final form of this uniform was introduced in several steps from 1935 onward.

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Army Marine Corps Navy Air Force Coast Guard Shop by Type Custom Military Apparel Military Shops CLEARANCE ITEMS About Us Shipping Policies Contact Us. VIEW CART. Home > Shop By Branch > U.S. Marine Corps Products > Marine Corps Pins Patches Coins and Medals > Military Lapel Pins > Navy Lapel Pins.

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A side cap is a military cap that can be folded flat when not being worn. It is also known as a garrison cap or flight cap in the United States, wedge cap in Canada, or field service cap in the United Kingdom. In form the side cap is comparable to the glengarry, a folding version of the Scottish military bonnet.It has been associated with various military forces since the middle of the 19th ...

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British Army World War two (ww2,wwii) uniform Parachutist (Para) & Commando Trousers: They have two regular pockets on each hip, a bellows pocket on the front of the leg, one inside the right leg seam to hold the dagger and 3 for bandages. Map pocket is lined with cotton drill. Price is US$ 110 (UK Pounds 58, Euro 92) in any size delivered anywhere in the world.

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