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Truth SNAP – Angel Armor

Jan 11, 2016· The unique magnetic SNAP system provides tiered threat protection. When paired together, the Truth 44S plate (NIJ Level IIIA + .44 MAG + SPIKE Level 1) and Truth 47S plate (NIJ Level IIIA + AK-47 + SPIKE Level 2) combine to create the Truth 308S plate (NIJ Level III + .308 + SPIKE Level 3 + Special Threats from Truth 47S and Truth 44S) allowing you to armor up or down depending …

Bulletproof Body Armor Plates & Vests for Sale - Infidel ...

The Level III armor is designed with premium quality, mil-spec hardened AR-550 steel, treated to withstand NIJ ballistic threats and also mitigate rust, spall, and shrapnel. We also have Kevlar Hybrid level IIIa soft armor. Our tactical plate carriers and vests carry …

BulletSafe Lightweight Level IV Ceramic Ballistic Plates ...

BulletSafe Ballistic Plates are Brand New and offer Level IV protection when used in conjunction with the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest. Adding ballistic plates to your Level IIIA Bullet Proof Vest gives you the highest level of protection available. Just 5.7 lbs and $169. Free Shipping, Immediate Shipment.

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Shop our selection to find a plate carrier you can count on. Condor MOPC Modular Operator Plate Carrier (340) $66.95 Condor Exo Plate Carrier Gen II (107) $73.95

Strike Face Level III Ballistic Plate | Hard Armor Plates

The Strike Face Level III Ballistic Plate has been discontinued. The Strike Face Level III Ballistic Plate is one of the best plates on the market for protection against rifle fire.Providing level IV protection for your BulletSafe vest, the highest rating for body armor, the Strike Face ballistic plate gives you ample coverage against armor-piercing rounds (think AR-15 and AK-47).

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Shop body armor plates, ideal for use in law enforcement and security management. Our body armor plates suit all types of defense needs and protect your workers from trauma. Our threat plates should be used with ballistic gear, primarily with plate and tactical carriers. They offer rifle and gun protection for when your workers are in action.

Ballistic Plates, Hard hitting Multi hit ballistic armor ...

Ballistic Plates, Hard hitting Multi hit ballistic armor plates, Level III, Level IV, front, back and side plates available from Protech, Max Pro Police, Ceradyne and others. Ballistic Plates include products such as Ballistic Ceramic Plate Level 4 Stand Alone, Level IV Armor Plates and others offer a variety of options for your varying needs

Best Body Armor [2020 Tested]: Hard Plates & Soft Armor ...

The Velocity Systems Special Threat Ceramic Plates are multi-strike rated and tested against 7.62×39 Mild Steel Core, 7.62×51 M80 Ball, 5.56×45 M855, and 5.56×45 M193, which puts this armor at around a level III+ (though Velocity doesn't specify).

How To Make Bulletproof Body Armor Plate - Ask a Prepper

Mar 07, 2019· A ¼" thick ballistic steel plate over Level IIIA armor is also considered to be effective as Level III armor against light rifle fire. In my own testing I was able to shoot a 5.56mm rifle round through a ¼" ballistic steel plate, which would tend to invalidate it for body armor.

Ballistic Strike Plate - Stand Alone Shooters Cut| BACTactical

This high performing 10″ x 12″ NIJ III Ballistic Strike plate has been certified stand alone, under the NIJ 0101.06 body armor standard. The shooters cut plate is ultra-lightweight at only 3.3 Lbs and is exceptionally thin at 1.2".

Strike Face Ballistic Plate – Outdoor King

Keep yourself and loved ones protected with the Strike Face Ballistic Plate. With curved and flat styles as well as various sizes to choose from, we guarantee we'll have a bulletproof plate to fit a variety of backpacks and plate carriers. They are rated at level III Plus meaning they'll stop a …

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Carry all of your gear comfortably and safely in one of our high-performance, low-drag tactical vests from leading brands like Condor, Blackhawk and Propper.

Level 3 Body Armor Plates for Sale | Tactical Scorpion Gear

Level 3 Body Armor Plates for Sale. At Tactical Scorpion Gear, we have often heard our clients say that they face a lot of problems with their body armors, mainly due to the heavyweight nature. Conventional body armors are bulky. They need to provide a lot of protection against heavy fire.

Metals Depot® - Steel Armor Plate | 46100 Armor Plate ...

MIL-A-46100 Armor Plate aka Ballistic Steel Plate is a popular high hardness armor grade steel approved for use by all branches and departments of the United States Military and Department of Defense.Armor Plate 41600 is designed to reduce or prevent penetration from a variety of incoming projectiles and is widely used in security and personal protection applications including vehicle and ...

Strike Face Type IV Ceramic Plate

Strike Face Type IV Ceramic Plate is a single ceramic ballistic plate level IV. This ceramic plate protects against grenade shrapnel and Armour piercing rifles. It is made out of ceramic Alumina. It weights 20 pounds. The dimensions of this ceramic plate are 10" x 12". This plate fits in a vest with specially designed pockets in the front or in ...

Level 4 Body Armor Plates for Sale | Level 4 Ballistic Plates

Tough Weave and Complex Matrix: Our bulletproof vests are NIJ level 4 compliant. This is proof of the toughness and reliability of these Level 4 ballistic plates. Tactical Scorpion Gear Level IV body armor plates are available in any custom configuration in flat, single curve, and multi-curve.

Ballistic Soft Panel -Shooters Cut By Vism

Ideal for use in VISM Plate Carriers; Available in 10"X12", and 11"x14" sizes; Weight: 0.95 lbs. (10"x12" Shooters cut) Weight: 1.31 lbs. (11"x14" Shooters cut) Not yet NIJ certified WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS ON ARMOR PLATES OR BALLISTIC PANELS DUE TO SAFETY

Spartan™ Omega™ AR500 Body Armor 10x12 Single Plate

The strike face for our plates is mark embedded with our Spartan logo! Both sides of these plates are coated, however, the back side only has a "courtesy coat" to protect against wear and rust. The front of the plate is lined with 1/4-3/8 of our proprietary coating, Encapsaloc ™. The result is a plate approximately 1/2-5/8" total thickness.

The Best Body Armor for Law Enforcement — Advanced ...

May 15, 2018· The Best Body Armor for Law Enforcement Comparing Body Armor Types: Steel vs. Ceramic vs. Polyethylene Plates. Whether you serve on a police squad, sheriff's office, or SWAT team in a large city where violence and active threats arise daily or you're in a smaller community that rarely sees such action, you've likely considered the question: What's the best body armor for my needs?

SA-POSSE Level III++ Bullet Resistant Plate - Survival Armor

The POSSE Level III++ Stand Alone ballistic plate offers protection against High Velocity Rifle rounds. NIJ Certified 0101.06 and (RST) Rifle Special Threat Validated. Constructed of Ceramic strike face, with exterior of durable 1000D Cordura® textured nylon. Thinness is 1.15". Warranty of 5 years on ballistic material with 1 year on exterior cover material and workmanship....

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