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Sep 28, 2018· Gas mask bong Yorkshire.weed. Loading... Unsubscribe from Yorkshire.weed? ... Up next How to Make a Gas Mask from a Coke Bottle: Man Hacks - Duration: 1:20.

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To speed up the clearing process so stale smoke doesn't linger, remove the bowl or remove the gas mask entirely (or check out our guide about how to clean a bong, it's the same process.) If you begin coughing, feel light-headed, or are struggling to get air, remove the gas mask immediately.

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Gas masks for weed are good fun, and an exciting new way to get high. ... smaller hole, is then sealed so air can only enter the mask through the bong. Lighting up alone is not easy. Then comes the hard part: lighting the thing. This is easiest if you're with at least one other person, since you can't see the bog's bowl through the mask ...


This Gas Mask Bong is surely what the inventors of the gas mask had in mind – a device that actually maximizes gas inside the mask. And while the primary goal of the Gas Mask Bong is to get you really super-duper wicked silly, it's also very stylish.

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Jul 22, 2017· (+18 LEGAL CANNABIS PATIENTS) What's it do famalamadingdong little video on using the GAS MASK BONG!!! actual video STARTS 2;30 Enjoy smoke a joint and see ya next video Follow us on instagram we ...

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Jun 19, 2018· How to Use a Gas Mask Bong. If you're wondering how to use a gas mask bong, don't worry, it's not too different from hitting a regular bong. Fill the bong with water and attach it to the gas mask. Now pack the bowl with ground-up bud. Loosen the straps at the back of the gas mask and slide the entire thing over your head.

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The gas mask ensures that no smokes escapes so you get the full hit and no waste. The gas mask comes with an acrylic water pipe that fits perfectly in the gas mask. Mask comes with fully adjustable Downstem and has the ability to have the bowl removed by screwing it off. Colors may vary and will be chosen at random.

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HighUp Headshop - The best smoke shop situated in Columbus, Ohio. you can find all smoking products and accessories from pipes, bongs, vapes, hookahs, and many others.

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Dec 10, 2014· Smoke With Me Out Of A Gas Mask bong! ... Dude Smokes Weed with his Grandma for ... Cut 4,645,451 views. 5:47 "Showers vs. Baths. The oldest debate" - Jim Gaffigan Stand up (Obsessed ...


Gas Mask Bong Kit- Black. Love your smoke so much you just want to inhale it through your whole face? Comes with detachable acrylic skull bong with a removable base for easy cleaning, and silicone black & clear plastic gas mask with adjustable straps. Great for parties or for terrifying the neighbours.

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Sep 02, 2019· Now, let me start off by saying that even the best gas mask water pipes is still going to just be a cheap acrylic bong attached to a gas mask. Trust me, though. You don't want to spend what you would on an expensive glass bong. Gas masks make people cough pretty hard, so they tend to get banged up.

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0 How to Make and Use a Gas Mask Bong. One of the new ways to smoke weed is really taking the marijuana world by storm. A gas mask bong is a unique contraption only a stoner could have come up with, a combination of acrylic bong and gas mask, a unique way to truly get an incredible high.. At first glance, you might think this smoking device is going to be costly, but building your homemade gas ...

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May 11, 2014 - Explore AElovers's board "420", followed by 175 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Gas mask bong, Gas mask, Bongs.

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Oct 06, 2014· I have smoked from those kinds of gas masks. The the bowl holds a half gram and you take it all to the dome in like 5 minutes through the mask. It takes 2 people. 1 to light the bong and the smoker holds the the mask tight on his face with both hands.

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Smoke Mask Weed Bong Cool Bongs Puff And Pass Pipes And Bongs Glass Bongs Bday Stuff To Buy Smoke Weed - Shop for over 300,000 Premium Domains The type of bong that you use not only will have a huge impact on the rip, it will affect your entire smoking experience.

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The gas mask bong Photo credit. In case you are new to the world of inhaling cannabis through a gas mask, here is the skinny. In a nutshell, a gas mask bong is a bong attached to a gas mask that allows the user to inhale and exhale massive amounts of smokes continuously. Gas mask bongs, in particular, are indeed easy to burn.

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Devout nun tries smoking weed for the first time through a gas mask bong. Hilarity ensues.

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Is the gas mask bong worth using? A Novelty Item. Most smokers agree that the gas mask bong makes for an awesome novelty item. If you love collecting weed paraphernalia, you should head out to your favorite head shop right now. Call it cool, unusual, or even a little bit scary; either way, the gas mask is a one-of-a-kind smoking piece.

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