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To start things off, you are never ever going to be able to wear your normal glasses in your gas mask. That being said, there are certain masks that accept optical inserts (think of them like the frames of your glasses, but made to specifically clip into a specific mask), or you can get something like Mag-1 spectacles that can fit in a few different masks.

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Aug 05, 2016· Glasses/Gas mask inserts . Any member that is required to wear corrective lenses must have gas mask inserts. To order inserts, you must see the reserve unit Optometr y clinic ONLY (on Saturday of the UTA) with a current prescription (within a year) . Once your inserts come in, you may drop by the clinic during the week or on Saturday of

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Feb 01, 2018· Can you wear a gas mask/respirator with glasses, in this video I try and explain why regular glasses do not work with regular gas masks, but there are ways of getting around the problem, like ...

M40 Mask Optical Insert Kit (Plastic)

This insert is designed for the M40 and M42 masks and mounts on a mounting frame. The mounting frame is a furnished separately as a mask accessory. The prescription lens carrier (Figure 2) consists of separate right and left lens holders, a central hinge, and mounting block assembly. The mounting block is used to attach the prescription lens ...

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May 11, 2016· I need a mask that is NBC compatible and that can be used while I wear my glasses. It's too hard for some of us to use eye contact lenses specially during demonstrations and riots full of chemicals,the use of lenses can be harmful to your eyes.

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Nov 29, 2012· It's hard to know what you want and try to '"cheap" your way towards your goal. The only way that truly gives what your looking for is the right CBRNE mask and filter. Then you can get the right Gas Mask Insert(GMIs) for the mask. Regardless of the mask, you may still be screwed as some agents absorb through the skin, blister skin etc.

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Oct 12, 2006· I well remember having to sweep my glasses off when donning the Mk 5(was it that?)gas mask in the Navy."Usually",I'd get it in the 9 second limit but then I'd have to go hunt my glasses on the deck and on more than two cruises,ended up going without glasses for a couple weeks or one month after someone inadvertently stomped them until we got to where I could get a new set …

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Prescription eyeglass inserts for respirators, described as small and magnified lenses combined together by the nosepiece & linked to the safety eyeglasses

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Any Altek Mask Insert (1) Any Altek Spectacle Kit (1) Bullard 88VX Series Airline Respirator for Abrasive Blasters and Painters (1) Draeger Panorama Nova, MSA Ultravue, Ultra Twin, Ultra Filter and Phalanx (2) Full Face Masks (1) Full Mask Supplied Air Respirator (1) H Series PAPR Hoods Mfr. No. H-411, H-412 (1) Honeywell PA800 Series PAPR (2)

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One Mask, All Missions Air Purifying Respirator: PC50 Entry Level, Non-CBRN Solution Air Purifying Respirator: C50 The All Challenge Mask Air Purifying Respirator: FM50 The First Choice for Defence Air Purifying Respirator: FM51 The Combat Vehicle Mask Air Purifying Respirator: FM53 The Multiple Mission Mask Air Purifying Respirator: FM54

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Optical Inserts Gas Mask Glasses Frames Chemical-Biological Mask CBRN NBC. Brand New. $20.00. or Best Offer +$10.00 shipping. 20 watchers. Watch; SGE Gas Mask Spectacle Frame #2 For SGE 150, 400 & 400/3 Users Needing Glasses . Brand New. $40.49.

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Oct 08, 2010· Get the inserts as stated above or learn to live without eyeballs for a short period of time. Either way you have higher odds of survival than playing around with a mask that "supports" glasses. My opinion, I wore bc's through boot camp. I passed the night time gas mask firing without lenses and I am as blind as a bat.

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SCBA and Full Face Mask Rx Spectacle Insert Kits Fast, Easy & Economical! SafeVision ® provides prescription eyeglass spectacle inserts for all SCBA and full-face respirator manufacturers. These Spectacle Insert Kits allow anyone to use prescription eyeglasses inside their respirator mask without compromising the seal.. For more than 25 years, SafeVision has been making Prescription Spectacle ...

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When you get your eyes checked, take the form to MIR and (on top of whatever you get for regular glasses) tell them you need inserts for the gas mask and ballistics. They will give you the frames and an allowance for lenses for each set. Go to wherever you get your glasses from and they'll make them. At least that's halifax.

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Jun 09, 2017· (Turn on English subtitles not the auto generated ones ) This is very simple way to enjoy gas masks even if you're stuck with glasses like me-----social media below-----

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Inserts are for Department of Defense (DoD) personnel only, and most of them are not available for ordering through the NOSTRA website. If you are in need of any inserts, please contact your nearest DoD Optometry clinic for more guidance.

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All 3M Products; Personal Protective Equipment; 3M™ Full Facepiece Reusable Respirators 6000 Series; 3M™ Spectacle Kit 6878/07141(AAD), Accessory 1 EA/Case

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The best gas masks are typically made of butyl rubber (a necessity for NIOSH approval of a CBRN mask), but others will also use materials like EPDM or rubber elastomer. Whatever you use, the standard of quality and protection is whether or not the mask will protect you from mustard gas intrusion.

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Safety Glasses Safety Goggles ... Oil & Gas, Utilities CUSTOMERS ALSO VIEWED Advantage® Particle Filters CBRN and Riot Control Gas Masks Ultra Elite Accessories ... CBRN and Riot Control Gas Masks Cleaning Accessories Advantage® 3200 Full-Facepiece Respirator Clearvue® 200 Safety Goggles Advantage® 3000 Mask Accessories ...

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May 01, 2018· A hygiene kit with shaving equipment can come in handy in the event of a pandemic or CBRN situation. Poor vision can also be problematic with gas masks. Do deal with this you can source gas mask inserts, which are glasses meant to snap into place inside of a gas mask. Those in the military and in jobs that require masks are often issued inserts.

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