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Chase Tactical Guardian Body Armor Plate 4S17 Level IV ...

Chase Tactical Guardian 4S17 Level IV Rifle Rated Body Armor Plate NIJ 0101.06 Certified and Listed 10 Year Warranty! The CT-4S17 Series are NIJ 0101.06 Certified Stand Alone Plates. The 4S17 Hard Armor ballistic insert provides protection against projectiles, shrapnel and improves the performance of ballistic vest and tactical EOD search suits.

Body Armor Outlet

Body Armor Outlet offers high quality Body Armor, Tactical Gear, and Uniforms at affordable prices.

Guardsman Armor | Marvel Database | Fandom

With his troublesome heart condition, Stark wanted to create a cheaper, scaled-down version of Iron Man, to be used as a back-up; He based the armor's design loosely on his then-current Model 4 Armor, only without many of the extra details (Perhaps most notably the anti-gravity pods on each hip and the "cuffed" gloves and boots); Making it very sleek and form-fitting. The helmet was similar to ...

Police Product Test: Point Blank Guardian Front-Opening ...

Sep 02, 2016· Point Blank's Guardian vest is aimed squarely at the need for a more utilitarian approach to body armor. Think of something detectives might wear over their business attire when responding to an active scene: simple armor protection that provides identification and …

AR500 Armor® Guardian General Issue Package - Carrier & Plates

Nov 03, 2018· AR500 Armor® Guardian Plate Carrier with Body Armor and Pouches - (Carrier made of NON-Ballistic materials) The AR500 Armor® Micro Plate Carrier is an excellent option for a variety of frames: from youth to adult or those looking to reduce weight but still gain the protection of your vitals. Make no mistake, our 10" x 12" body armor still ...

AR500 Armor® Guardian Plate Carrier - Made In USA

The AR500 Armor® Guardian Plate Carrier takes the highly desired features of our Micro Plate Carrier variants and adapts them to industry standard 10" x 12" body armor! Designed as a rapid deploy-able quick-detach plate carrier, the Guardian series plate carrier feature Quick-Detach and fully adjustable shoulders and side straps via ITW GT ...

Point Blank Guardian Ballistic Vest Carrier

Point Blank Guardian Ballistic Vest Carrier. Easy to don and doff, the Guardian incorporates the versatility of a front opening vest with an innovative design. This combination is what gives you the ultimate in protective coverage. Point Blank is known as one of the first companies in America to actually design and build body armor.

Body Armor, Ballistic Plates & Tactical Gear | Spartan ...

Spartan Armor Systems is a ballistic body armor manufacturer and tactical gear supplier that works with a wide variety of clientele in the United States. We work with law enforcement, military personnel, first responders and civilians to provide quality threat protection at an affordable price. We proudly manufacture all of our Spartan™ Omega ...

Body Armor | Ballistic Protection | Tactical Vest | Kevlar ...

This lightweight body armor vest meets NIJ 0115.00 standards and has trauma plate pockets to accommodate a variety of different sized body armor plates. The Galls GL Body Armor Threat Level IIIA is a type of concealable armor that's made from kevlar XP for comprehensive protective coverage and enhanced mobility.

Guardian ODC | Point Blank Body Armor

Guardian ODC Easy to don and doff, the Guardian ODC combines the versatility of a front opening vest with an advanced design which offers optimum protective coverage. Instantly convert the Guardian ODC into a ballistic protective vest by inserting Point Blank concealable ballistic panels into …

ARMOR - Guardian Uniform

point blank frk-720 plate carrier iiia armor. $1,188.00. $715.00

Body Armor | Body Armor Outlet

Cratus 3000 Level III+ Multi Hit Advanced Body Armor Plate 10x13 (LG) TenCate Advanced Armor introduces the TenCate Cratus™ hard... BAO Tactical Standard Level IIIA 10x12 Vest w/ Molle $259.20

Chase Tactical 4SAS7 Guardian Level IV Body Armor Plate ...

Level IV Rifle Rated Body Armor Plate Chase Tactical Guardian 4SAS7 Level IV Armor Plate. Guardian Hard Armor Plates are designed and manufactured in the USA according to strict quality guidelines using state of the art manufacturing equipment and processes.

Spartan™ Omega™ AR500 Body Armor Level III | Ballistic Plates

Bulletproof Vest Plates AR500 Steel Plates . Spartan Armor AR500 Steel Plates. AR500 steel plate s are ballistic plates /inserts used in plate carriers. Body armor plates are used to protect the wearer against serious injuries from high-impact direct hits and abrasions from small arms fire, incoming shrapnel and knife threats. AR500 is the same steel alloy used in body armor plates sold to ...

Guardian Plate | Fate Wiki | Fandom

The Guardian Plate is the ninth and penultimate shirt-type armor in the Body Armor class. It can be found in the Dungeon beginning on Level 56. Merchants may sell it to players who are at or above Level 17. It has a value of 29,265 gold and a rarity of 900. It takes up 2 x 2 inventory space. The artifact version of the Guardian Plate is SoulGuard.

Tactical Armor ⋆ Military-spec Level 3 Protection ⋆ Chase ...

Soft Body Armor Set (SA3100) Level IIIA for HOPC $ 539.95. Add to wishlist. Compare. Quick View. Close. Quick shop. Black. Coyote. Desert Tan. Navy. OD Green (Olive Drab) Ranger Green. Striker ACH Level IIIA Ballistic Helmet Standard Cut. Rated 5.00 out of 5

SWTOR Guardian's Renowned Armor -

Guardian's Renowned Armor Set. The Guardian's Renowned armor set is an expensive armor set bought from the Legacy Vendors on Coruscant or Dromund Kaas at Legacy Level 10. This set is wearable by characters on either faction at any level, but is …

Safariland® Armor

BUILt FOR PERFORMANCE Performance is the driving force in every element of Safariland® armor. Safariland has built a reputation for innovation, and is credited for bringing to market the first commercially available personal soft body armor for law enforcement in the 1970's. With the acquisition of recognized legacy br

Guardian Uniform Shirt Carrier | Point Blank Body Armor

Guardian Uniform. Combining the functionality of a load bearing vest with the tailored appearance of a Uniform Shirt Carrier, the Guardian USC provides the ultimate fusion of versatility and design. The carrier features multi-functional pockets, MOLLE webbing to attach equipment pouches and a concealed center zipper for easy donning and doffing.

Body Armor Archives - Guardian Gear

NIJ Level III Rifle Rated Armor $ 183.00 – $ 198.00 Select options NIJ Level III Rifle Rated Armor – NIJ Certified Plate $ 209.00 Add to cart NIJ Level III Rifle Rated Armor – Side Coverage $ 79.00 Add to cart NIJ Level IIIA Handgun Rated Hard Armor

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