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Chase Tactical Bellfire MTS Level IIIA Ballistic Armor Shield

The Bellfire MTS Level IIIA Shield provides operators greater tactical visibility as firearms can be deployed from right and left sides. The shield's special shape makes it easier for long-gun deployment, standing, kneeling, & prone positions. Protection: Level IIIA Stand Alone against handgun rounds;

Active Shooter Response Shield II (ASR II) 24"x36" Level IIIA

BULLETPROOF IT, LLC- Active Shooter Response (ASR) 24"x36" NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Shield II with Viewport Level IIIA Ballistic Shield with less Weight and Ambidextrous cut outs for Improved Mobility. Improved Weapon Mount Platforms on each side of the Shield to enhance the Officer's ability to safely present their Weapon from behind the Shield to engage Single or Multiple Threats.

Tactical Ballistic Body Shields

MXV Ballistic Level IIIA Shield. Sale Price Starts at: $1,425.00. United Micra Shield Level IIIA Shield 18"x26" Regular price: $1,220.00. Sale price: $820.00 . United Shield IIIA w View Port - Various Sizes. Sale Price Starts at: $1,120.00. United Shield HMLP Level IIIA with View Port 19.5" x 33"

Bulletproof Shields | Level III or IIIA Handheld Ballistic ...

The BulletSafe Bulletproof Shield Is A Great Value. It is level III (level 3) so it stops AR-15's and AK-47's. In Stock - Ships Now. $2,999.00 $749.00. Add to Cart . On Sale. The BulletSafe Level IIIA Bulletproof Shield. The BulletSafe Bulletproof Shield Is A Great Value. It offers level IIIA protection in a large, 19.5 x 35.5 inch size. In ...

Bulletproof Ballistic Shield,Handheld Bulletproof Shield ...

The Ballistic Armour Plates NIJ IIIA handheld bulletproof shield for 9mm FMJ RN + 44 Mag JHP and are very reliable and widely used for variety of law enforcement applications. The Shield are manufactured using the best quality raw materials that ensure its superior quality and reliability.

Civilian PopShield: Best Civilian Body Armor & Bulletproof ...

• Made with authentic American DuPont Material. • Passed NIJ-IIIA test. • Stops bullet rounds from 9mm, 357 mag, and 44 mag guns. • 3 times more coverage than average body armor.

Boydd Compact NIJ Level III Ballistic Rifle Shields

9 lb. Panel for Rifle Level III - 5 lb. Panel for Pistol Level IIIA. 2 lb. Load Bearing Shield Carrier - 1000D Cordura Made in the USA. Molle Mounted Kydex Rifle Support Bracket Included. Optional 600 Lumen FoxFury Taker B30 Shield Light & Bungee Sling. Level Up or Down by Simply Swapping Internal Panels (sold separately)

Ballistic Shields - United Shield

Ballistic Shields NIJ Level IIIAThe United Shield NIJ Level IIIA HMLP ballistic shields incorporate the latest materials, technology and lightweight design to provide multi-hit capability.They provide tactical specialists with resistance to ballistic and fragmentation threats, and are avaliable in a variety of sizes ranging from micra to grande.

Airius – Level IIIA – United Shield

United Shield International introduces the latest innovation in wearable body armor. The Airius Level IIIA provides industry leading "WEARABILITY". The uniqueness of this vest is that it provides the areal density weight and thinness of a leading polyethylene vest, with the flexibility and softness of …

Paraclete Phalanx Ballistic Shield

Paraclete Phalanx Ballistic Shield. Level IIIA protection with less weight for improved mobility. Innovative V-shape increases strength and diverts fire away from the center. Unique weapon mount platforms on each side provide multiple options for weapon presentation. Paraclete Phalanx Ballistic Shield features:

Phalanx X Level III Shield | PARACLETE

Phalanx X Level III. The Phalanx-III provides level III protection. A wide, trapezoid shaped viewport provides excellent viewing capabilities while the mounted platform on each side allows the operator to position their weapon for optimum firing position.

Citizen Armor V-Shield – Standard | Concealed Carry Inc

The V-Shield™ answers the demands for a completely concealable armor system. The V-Shield™ discreetly covers the vitals, front and back (heart, lungs, liver, kidneys). The armor can be concealed by almost any clothing being less than 1/4″ thick. It is available in Threat Level IIIA. Sizing chart below. *While no background check or FFL is required to buy body armor; please note that it ...

Battle Steel Level IIIA Emergency Ballistic Armor Package

Ultra-thin, Lightweight and portable this ballistic armor package is a high performance, discrete protection against hand guns & knives. Designed and packaged to be carried anywhere Tested to NIJ Level IIIA 0106.01 which includes 44 magnum & 9mm

BAKER BATSHIELD® - Baker Ballistics

The Baker Batshield, often called the Batwing, is a foldable compact NIJ threat level IIIA ballistic shield specifically developed to protect patrol first responders to an active shooter and/or tactical operations.

SecPro Warrior Tactical Ballistic Shield - SecPro ...

Tactical Ballistic Shield Military & Police NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Shield SecPro Warrior Tactical Ballistic Shield is designed to protect Police and Military personnels against handgun fire, sharp objects and fragmentation, Made in USA The SecPro Warrior Tactical Ballistic shield is a U.S. made entry shield designed to protect police and military agents from common handgun rounds (such as .9 ...

TuffyPacks 12" x 18" Ballistic Shield Level IIIA ...

TuffyPacks 12" x 16" Ballistic Shield Level IIIA Bulletproof Backpack Insert Give yourself the peace of mind that you and your family are safe with the Tuffypacks Lightweight Backpack Armor. Designed with children in mind, this low profile and lightweight armor panel can easily fit into any children's backpack or smaller backpack.

Ballistic Shields ⋆ Level III, IIIA, IV & NIJ Certified ...

Chase Tactical Bellfire LTS Level IIIA Ballistic Armor Shield $ 1,459.95 – $ 3,119.95. Add to wishlist. Compare. Quick View. Close. Quick shop. Black. Coyote Tan. Desert Tan. MultiCam Camo. Navy. OD Green (Olive Drab) Ranger Green. Chase Tactical Bellfire RDS Level IIIA Ballistic Armor Shield $ 1,209.95 – $ 2,099.95. Add to wishlist ...

HOPLITE Level IIIA - Pro-Tech Sales

HOPLITE Level IIIA Designed for immediate active shooter response, this exceptionally lightweight shield provides the ultimate combination of high performance …

Protech Tactical Armor Products | CopQuest (800) 728-0974

Protech Tactical Armor Products at discount prices. Free shipping available. Order on-line or call (800) 728-0974.

HOPLITE Level IIIA - pointblankenterprises.com

HOPLITE Level IIIA. Designed for immediate active shooter response, this exceptionally lightweight shield provides the ultimate combination of high performance …

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