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The Beret Project: Jill Valentine

Aug 14, 2012· Jill Valentine is a fictional character in the Resident Evil survival horror series by Capcom. Jill is one of the two protagonists of the original Resident Evil game, where she was introduced as a member of the Raccoon Police Department's Special Tactics And Rescue Service (STARS), trapped in a secret research complex of the sinister Umbrella ...

FALLOUT 4 - Resident Evil Outfit pack 1 Reveal trailer at ...

Jill Valentine : Beret Jill Valentine : Hairstyle - Chris Redfield : STARS outfit - Rebecca Chambers : STARS outfit - Barry Burton : STARS outfit - Albert Wesker : STARS outfit Wesker's Sunglasses - Billy Coen : RE0 Outfit Billy's Hairstyle-----Release date 17th July 2017 . 0 comments ...

Jill Valentine - no headwear

Sep 24, 2018· Hey, everyone! I was hoping someone could make a mod where Jill Valentine in her STARS and Army outfits not have a beret and cap, please! Could maybe replace the head with her Casual head if that

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The Beretta is a weapon featured in Resident Evil.It is available in Jill Valentine's inventory from the outset, while Chris finds it on the floor in the Main Hall after Wesker and Jill go missing.. The Beretta is recommended for weaker enemies such as zombies and Cerberuses and tends to be useless against stronger enemies such as the Hunters due to its limited stopping power.

Resident Evil 3 cosplayer takes on Nemesis as classic Jill ...

Cosplayer Enji Night paid tribute to Jill Valentine's classic outfit from the original Resident Evil 3 in wake of the Remake's exciting release. ... which clothes the character in a beret ...

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Jill is one of the protagonists in Resident Evil. She is considered the ideal character to be chosen by novice players, as Jill has a larger inventory space (eight slots compared to Chris who has only six) and has access to the lockpick, which allows her to open locked desks and most of the Mansion doors without having to collect simple keys. She also gets to use a grenade launcher, a weapon ...

Resident Evil 3 Remake mod Jill Valentine Bad Cop Beret ...

Aug 08, 2020· #chokobogame #sexymod #Remake https:// Created by Alphazomega My Channel https://

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Formal Agent Attire is a Resident Evil 3 Remake mod that dresses up Jill in special agent garb. The mod adds one stylish new outfit giving players a choice between four colors – black, white, red and blue – as well as letting them decide whether or not they want Jill …

Jill Valentine (S.T.A.R.S. Gear) by Sticklove on DeviantArt

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[WOTC] Resident Evil 3: Remake Jill Valentine STARS

On close inspection, Jill's Full hair isn't quite placed correctly in regards to the scalp area. This is a socket issue I've yet to solve without impacting the placement of the backup use of Jill's Beret Hair when Full Hair is equipped with the Beret. Jill's head is not currently scaled to properly fit XCom upper & …

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She served as the character model for Jill Valentine of the 2002 Resident Evil video game. Her likeness was also used in several other video games in the Resident Evil franchise. After receiving a custom made Resident Evil beret from a fan, Voth was inspired to do a photo-shoot cos-playing as Valentine.

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Jill Valentine – amerykańska Specjalna Agentka Operacyjna (SOA) ... Te ubranie jest podobne do jej munduru S.T.A.R.S. tyle, że beret zastąpiła czapką. Po schwytaniu przez Weskera, zostaje ubrana w obcisłą czarno niebieską skórę.

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Aug 21, 2020· This item is a reference to the character Jill Valentine from Resident Evil and her ability to pick locks. The item's name is a reference to an infamous voice line in the first few Resident Evil games: "Here, I found a lockpick. Maybe you, the Master of Unlocking, should take it."

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Apr 18, 2020· Jill Valentine Beret https://amzn.to/2K60H8z Jill Valentine Wall Scroll https://amzn.to/3ep5m3l Jill Valentine (Original RE3 Costume) Poster https://amzn.to/34LRyeL Join the Discord!

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Aug 21, 2020· This item is a reference to the character Jill Valentine from Resident Evil and her ability to pick locks. The item's name is a reference to an infamous voice line in the first few Resident Evil games: "Here, I found a lockpick. Maybe you, the Master of Unlocking, should take it."

Jill Valentine - S.T.A.R.S. Patch and Beret? - Cosplay.com

Hey~! One of my next cosplay projects I plan on tackling for an upcoming con is Jill Valentine's STARS uniform from RE1. I found some berets and patches I'd like to purchase online, but I'm always hesitant. This is the beret I'm considering:

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In original Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Jill's discarded Beret can be found lying on her desk. In the Resident Evil 3 remake version, the Beret can be found in her apartment. If a player completes Veteran Difficulty and logs into PlayStation Home, the player will be awarded with a Jill Valentine decoration trophy.

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Apr 20, 2019· Sporting her classic gear and infamous pose from the first game in the franchise, Jill looks great. As with all of the Resident Evil Pops, the sculpt is highly detailed. Her beret and hair look perfect, with the nice little S.T.A.R.S. decal at the front.

MOD REQUEST: No Beret Jill Alternate Outfit - General ...

MOD REQUEST: No Beret Jill Alternate Outfit - posted in General Resident Evil 3 (2020) Discussion: Hello, Just a simple mod request if anyone has the tools, the time and the talent. There is an alternate outfit from the original RE for Jill in Resident Evil 3, it is purchasable in the shop for completing in game challenges. I was wondering if anyone can produce a mod that would remove just the ...


This is a fan made beret wore by Jill Valentine in the popular game Resident Evil. The STARS crest is stitched on the beret. Specification. Color: Navy Blue Material: Wool Size. Comes in Two Size of M and L. M: fit those of 57cm head circumference. L: fit those of 59cm head circumference. Like all berets, they are adjustable. FREE SHIPPING ...

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