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By far our biggest seller, glass clad polycarbonate (GCP) is a top choice because it provides UL Level 4 and higher ballistic protection and hold holds up well in high traffic areas. However, it does have poor light transmission due to its thickness.

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UL752 Paragraph 4.5 Standard for Bullet Resistant Materials – From Level 1-8 National Institute of Ballistic Standards NIJ0108.01– From Levels II - IIIA One Hour Fire Rating Per ASTM E119-98

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The Fortress Series was tested at NTS Chesapeake in Belcamp, MD to the (DOS) US State Department Standard SD-STD.01.01 REV.G FE/15 forced entry standard at the 15 minute level and at the iFT Rosenheim laboratory and was awarded a resistance class 4 (RC 4) rating. This certifies that the Fortress series can withstand entry from highly skilled attackers using heavy-duty tools such as crowbars ...

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UL 752 Level 4 Specifications Application. Most commonly used for protection against high-power hunting and sporting rifles, such as the 30-06, and the like, with …

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Mar 26, 2020· A 4' x 8' bullet resistant fiberglass sheet starts as low as $320 and can range as high as $1,500, or $10 – $47 per square foot. Photo shows lowest and least expensive UL level ballistic fiberglass on top to highest level and most expensive option on bottom

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It's designed to defeat ballistic assaults in accordance with UL Standard 752, level 1-5. Available door sizes come in 3/0 x 7/0, 6/0 x 7/0 double doors with other sizes available upon request. Standard door hardware consists of a heavy duty continuous hinge, overhead surface closer, paddle latch, push bar, pull handle, dead latch and keyed lock.

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Our panels come in various sizes and can be used in your security wall, panic room, safe room, or anywhere a ballistic protective barrier is desired or replacement for your wall board. The UL 752 Listed Bullet and Blast Protection Composite Panels our manufactured using a woven roving ballistic grade cloth that is manufactured in-house.

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This door is made of a wood core with a plastic laminate or wood veneer finish over bullet resistant fiberglass with or without a view lite. This door is designed to defeat ballistic assaults in accordance with UL Standard 752, levels 1-5. Available door sizes come in 3/0 x 7/0, 6/0 x 7/0 double doors with other sizes available upon request.

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Fortress FE/15 Rated UL 752 Level 3 Decorative BR rated door & frame with multi-point locking. Contact us for more information 1.406.897.2121 or 1.406.212.2334 [email protected]

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Level 1: 9mm full metal copper jacket with lead core (3 shots fired) Level 2.357 magnum jacketed lead soft points (3 shots fired) Level 3.44 magnum lead semi wad-cutter (3 shots fired) Level 4.30 caliber rifle led core (1 shot fired) Level 5: 7.62mm rifle lead core full metal copper jacket military ball (1 shot fired) Level 6

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SuperShield Fiberglass Panels UL 752 Levels 1 through 8. Armorco SuperShield Fiberglass Bullet Resistant Panels are the "Super Panel" and a one of a kind in today's Ballistic Industry.Made using state-of-the-art technology utilizing multiple layers of specially woven fiberglass with a proprietary resin system, the "Super Panels" are fortified in a press under extreme pressure using ...

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For non-fire rated doors, when vision lights are required, doors can be provided with light kits matching the bullet-resistant level required by the project. For UL levels 1-3, 4-ply all polycarbonate glazing is supplied and required to be factory glazed in a UL listed metal framing system.

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UL 752 Level 8 Specifications Application. Most commonly used for protection against multiple shots from a military assault rifle, such as an M-14, and the like, with muzzle energy of …

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Our complete range of bulletproof doors are readily available and can be furnished with factory-installed bullet resistant glazing. Stock bullet resistant steel doors and frames are ready for immediate shipment. UL Level One standard to protect against medium power small arms (Super 38 Automatic).

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IMSHI 2pcs Lightweight Airsoft Ballistic SAPI Plate Carrier EVA Body Vest Dummy Armor Bulletproof Model Plates, Black 3.6 out of 5 stars 9 $16.98 $ 16 . 98 $19.99 $19.99

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Features of Ballistic Door Panels by ProGard . Rugged - made of Kevlar that is certified NIJ Level IIIA; Durable - humidity & temperature tested; Lightweight - only 8.4 lbs., more than 50% lighter than Ford's factory option; Large coverage area - 16% more than Ford's factory option; Bolt-in design - no vehicle modification necessary

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Level 4: Represents a step-up in terms of ballistics resistance. It defines bullet resistant glass that can withstand at least one shot from a .30 caliber rifle with a minimum velocity of 2540f/s. Level 5: Covers bulletproof glass designated to withstand at least one 7.62mm rifle FMJ with a …

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AMBICO bulletproof steel sliding doors are secure from ballistic attack yet have the appearance of traditional standard steel sliding doors. Our sliding ballistic doors are available to meet UL 752 levels 1 through 10 and are furnished with all sliding door hardware components and an …

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CRL Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panels are flat sheets of a polyester laminate reinforced with a fiberglass scrim to create a material with superior durability. The densely packed structure of the panel exhibits an excellent capability to absorb multiple impacts from high velocity projectiles, limiting ricochet or shattering.

UL 752 Level 5 - High Power Sporting Rifles Bullet ...

UL 752 Level 5 Specifications Application. Most commonly used for protection against military ball full metal copper jacket ammunition fired from a hunting rifle, such as the 308 Winchester or a military rifle with muzzle energy of 2519-3048 foot-pounds (3416-4133J)

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