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For clients looking for a low-profile protection solution, we offer premium armored personal cars (sedans), trucks, SUVs, vans and buses. Go to top. Luxury & Limousines. Additionally, we offer our world renowned ultra-luxury CEO interior package along with custom stretched limousine solutions.

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IAC is dedicated to making your armored car safe. Our proprietary techniques cover the contingencies you need to make sure every trip in your armored vehicle is secure. IAC has years of experience in manufacturing and delivering high-level armored vehicles to every continent in the world. With over 8,000+ vehicles armored, IAC prides itself on ...

Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200 VPAM VR10 by Aurum Security

Protection VPAM 10. Ballistic protection: Opaque areas including the roof provide protection according to VPAM APR 2006, level 10 / Stanag 3–. That includes all soft core bullets 5.56, 7.62 and 9 mm and all wide-spread hard-core and armor-piercing bullets: 7.62×39 (BZ) Kalashnikov API, 7.62×51 (P80) AP, and 7.62×54 (B32) Dragunov API, from any angle (not only 45° or 90° as per BRV 1999)


Shield level 3-B33 Multi-hit: Theft of the car in the presence of its passengers. Assault on passengers Incorporates 22mm thick B33 Multi-hit armored glass, which withstands up to 4 AK47 impacts and an AR15 impact. Level 4 shielding: Kidnapping: AK-47 military rifles or calipers 7.62 x .39 FMJ / PB / FE and lower, AR-15 and M-16. Armor level 5

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Mar 08, 2018· How do you make a bullet proof car? Today we are going to find out. Armor Max invited Dan and I to come shoot some of their armored vehicles, and the results...

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SuperShield Fiberglass Panels UL 752 Levels 1 through 8 Armorco SuperShield Fiberglass Bullet Resistant Panels are the "Super Panel" and a one of a kind in today's Ballistic Industry. Made using state-of-the-art technology utilizing multiple layers of specially woven fiberglass with a proprietary resin system, the "Super Panels" are fortified in a press under extreme pressure using ...

Armored vehicles Protection levels B1-B7 vs VPAM

Usually security vehicles such as SUV's are armored for different reasons like being a police car or ambulance and can provide a B5, B6 or B7 level of protection. For example, police type trucks are often designed to defeat .50 caliber rounds.

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Apr 11, 2015· There are several different standards of ballistic protection; higher the level, higher the protection. One vehicle armour we mostly follow the European standard (B4 or B6) levels but can adhere to any standard NIJ (see below), as long as we are comparing apples-to-apples such as from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) for body armor

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Mar 07, 2016· This is the newest armored glass in the market. You can actually defend yourself shooting from the inside of the car. This level IIIA glass weighs 35% less than traditional ballistic glass (GCP).

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The abbreviation "BR" is defined in the standard DIN EN 1063 and is used for protection levels of transparent armor (bullet-proof glass) for armored cars. The abbreviation "FB" is defined in the standard DIN EN 1522 and is used to indicate the protection level of opaque (non-transparent) materials, such as armor steel, kevlar, twaron, aramid ...

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INKAS® Armored Vehicles, Bulletproof Car. All Products of INKAS® including Armored Truck, Car, SUVs, Civilian, Military & Special Purpose Vehicles.

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Established in the year of 1995, Secure Mobile India is involved in manufacturing a huge compilation of Bulletproof Car, Bulletproof Podium, Bulletproof Lecture Stand and much more. Manufactured making use of supreme in class material and progressive tools and technology; these are in conformism with the guidelines defined by the market.

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UL 752 Level 2 Specifications Application. Most commonly used for protection against hand guns of high power, such as the .357 Magnum, and the like, with muzzle energy of 548-663 foot-pounds (743-899J).

Texas Armoring Corporation - Level B7 Armor on a Chevy ...

Jun 09, 2009· This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

UL 752 Level 6 - Submachine-Gun Bullet Protection Barriers ...

UL 752 Level 6 Specifications Application. Most commonly used for protection against multiple shots from a submachine-gun, such as a 9 mm Uzi, and the like, with muzzle energy of …

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This basic luxury interior package provides a comfortable, affordable solution for executives who want comfort on a budget. (2) Basic Captain's Chairs w/ Electric Footrests, (2) Cup Holders in Matching Woodgrain, (2) Aircraft-Style Desks in Matching Wood, (2) 110 or 220v Inverters with (4) outlets, (1) Small Refrigerated Ice Chest, and a Basic Rear Entertainment System.

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UL 752 Level 8 Specifications Application. Most commonly used for protection against multiple shots from a military assault rifle, such as an M-14, and the like, with muzzle energy of …

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Photos Attached for B7, Level 6 Armored Car 2007 GM Chevy Suburban 3/4 Ton Chassis 352 Horse Power @ 5200 rpm 60L V8 Gas Engine 383 ft lbs of Torque @ 4400 RPM 4 speed automatic w/overdrive Dual A/C & Heat - front &...

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Armored Vehicle Portfolio. Armormax Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of both light armored and fully armored vehicles. Armormax specializes in bullet-resistant passenger vehicles for any individual who perceives a threat, from government officials to everyday citizens.

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Apr 26, 2017· Bulletproof Cars Toyota Fortuner Armored Vehicle Bombproof Philippines #TOYOTA #FORTUNER #MINDANAO - Duration: 2:10. Hi Protect Bulletproof Cars 72,869 views 2:10

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