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Dec 03, 2015· Sewing Terms: Fabric Types. Fabric is an essential part of sewing – in fact, it's your most basic material and the part of your project that you will most likely decide on first. Knowing the difference between warp and weft, how to find the grain, and when to use muslin will give you the step up that you need to go from beginner to pro sewist.

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Clothing terminology comprises the names of individual garments and classes of garments, as well as the specialized vocabularies of the trades that have designed, manufactured, marketed and sold clothing over hundreds of years.. Clothing terminology ranges from the arcane (watchet, a pale blue color name from the 16th century) (), and changes over time in response to fashion which in turn ...

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Translate Military. See 3 authoritative translations of Military in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations.

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Most popular dictionary of acronyms and abbreviations. All Acronyms helps to find acronym or abbreviation meaning as well as best ways to abbreviate any word.

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List of Technical Terms Used in Garment Industry: Allowance: The addition as extra to the exact measurement of the body with which a garments is made out is called allowance. Appliqué: A cut out design or shape attached to the face of a fabric for ornamentation of garments is called appliqué. Arm Scye: The arm hole of garments is called arm scye. Back Stitch: It is one kind of hand stitch ...

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Aug 24, 2020· The military of the world have had an unmistakable impact on fashion. Whether it be the varied terrain, weather encountered, or nature of living in one's uniform, over the last several hundreds ...

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Spanish Military Words You might need to use Spanish military words if you plan to travel and use this new language you're learning. We can help you learn all the important military words in Spanish with mind-blowing Memory Machine, and then you can quiz …

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The U.S. military uses many unique acronyms, terms and jargon. This results from the need for expedient and clear communication. Read the glossary.

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A agile manufacturing Apparel manufacturing that utilizes a modular production system. In modular production workers are organized into teams that work together to produce an entire garment. In con…

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Military slang is practically a second language. Learn more with our list of military sayings and what they mean in the context of the military.

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Civilian Translation of Military Terminology Page 1 of 2 In the military In the civilian world In the military In the civilian world Commander Director, Senior Manager, President O-7 and above President, Senior Director, Chairman of the Board, Managing Director Executive Officer Deputy Director, Assistant Director O-5 and O -6 Chief Executive ... - Your Sewing Dictionary and ...

A dictionary of sewing terms and terminology you may use on your sewing journey. Links may lead off this site. If you have any additions, changes, corrections, or suggestions, or if you would like to reference this site or the information herein, please feel free to let us know.Using eBay via the link to the left helps pay the cyber-rent.


APPENDIX I GLOSSARY OF COMMON MILITARY TERMS ADDRESSEE— The activity or individual to whom a message is to be delivered. ADJUST— A command to the spotter or observer to initiate an adjustment on a designated target. ADJUSTMENT— Process used to obtain correct line, range, and connect height of burst (if time fuzes are

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A poncho (Spanish pronunciation: ; Quechua: punchu; Mapudungun: pontro; "blanket", "woolen fabric") is an outer garment designed to keep the body warm. A rain poncho is made from a watertight material designed to keep the body dry from the rain.Ponchos have been used by the Native American peoples of the Andes since pre-Hispanic time, from places now under the territory of Ecuador, Colombia ...

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garment : English French Dictionary translates words, phrases, idioms and sentences.

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Stacker consulted members of various military branches as well as existing military dictionaries to find 34 terms, phrases, acronyms, and nicknames that you may want to add to your repertoire. Some are used in official military procedures while others are slang terms and acronyms that only members of one branch or another might know.

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a. Military Terminology. Standardized military and associated terminology forms the foundation of joint doctrine. It enables the joint force to organize, plan, train, and execute operations with a common language that is clearly articulated and universally understood. Since 1948, military terms have been codified in the DOD Dictionary.

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Aug 16, 2019· Talking about clothing in Spanish is one of the practical ways you can put your knowledge of Spanish to use. Whether you're going shopping in an area where Spanish is spoken, making a packing list for a Spanish-speaking person, or preparing a laundry list for your hotel, you'll find these words useful.

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Jan 21, 2020· War Vocabulary Alphabetized in Enlish . air force: las fuerzas aéreas allied forces: las fuerzas aliadas armed forces: las fuerzas armadas army: el ejército (air, military) base: base (aérea, military) attack: el ataque to attack: atacar battery: la batería battle: la batalla to be in control: estar en control, encontrarse en control to be taken captive: encontrarse cautivo

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