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Our non-military departments feature backpacks, winter jackets, and outdoor and lifestyle supplies that will help in the city, in the woods, or on the campus. Be sure to check out our kids department too for children's military clothing and accessories.

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Work, play, fashion, economic class, religious faith, even politics—all these aspects of American life and more are woven into clothing. The Museum cares for one of the nation's foremost collections of men's, women's, and children's garments and accessories—from wedding gowns and military uniforms to Halloween costumes and bathing suits.

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Military fashion has a long and distinguished history. The regalia of an army says a lot about its nation, its history and its approach to war. Military headgear has evolved dramatically through the years, varying from decade to decade and country to country. Here is a basic history of military …

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A jacket is a mid-stomach–length garment for the upper body. A jacket typically has sleeves, and fastens in the front or slightly on the side.A jacket is generally lighter, tighter-fitting, and less insulating than a coat, which is outerwear.Some jackets are fashionable, while others serve as protective clothing.Jackets without sleeves are vests

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Military uniform supplies, name tapes, patches, tactical gear, camouflage clothing. My Account. Login. Customer Service. 800-336-5225. Shopping Cart › 0 Items. VIP Text Club ...

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Beehive Clothing produces garment tops and bottoms for military personnel in the current color required by the U.S. Army. Women may use the men's garments, wear the white garment bottoms, or special-order women's garment bottoms. All other required clothing, approved by the organizations above, should be purchased by the customer through ...

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It was adapted to be worn quite literally in the trenches; hence where the coat gets its name. It was during the Great War that this classic garment took the shape and style that so many of us still wear today. The classic style of the coat still has these military influences. The traditional aesthetic of a trench, consisted of the following:

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A poncho (Spanish pronunciation: ; Quechua: punchu; Mapudungun: pontro; "blanket", "woolen fabric") is an outer garment designed to keep the body warm. A rain poncho is made from a watertight material designed to keep the body dry from the rain.Ponchos have been used by the Native American peoples of the Andes since pre-Hispanic time, from places now under the territory of Ecuador, Colombia ...

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We specialize in custom name tapes, name tags,BDU's and DCU's, flightsuits, combat boots, jungle boots, jump boots, tanker boots, cargo pants, cargo shorts, duffle bags, navy peacoats, military style t-shirts and much, much more. (In fact, over 20,000 products and counting!)

The Meaning and History of First Names - Behind the Name

May 29, 2020· Find the meaning, history and popularity of given names from around the world. Get ideas for baby names or discover your own name's history.

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Aug 12, 2020· Military records are from times of war and times of peace. They identify individuals who served in the armed forces or who were eligible for service. Military records can help you learn more about your ancestors who served their country. These Wiki pages teach terminology and describe the contents, uses, and availability of major sets of records created mostly by the federal government.

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This is a list of military clothing camouflage patterns used for battledress. Military camouflage is the use of camouflage by a military force to protect personnel and equipment from observation by enemy forces. Textile patterns for uniforms have multiple functions, including camouflage, identifying friend from foe, and esprit de corps.. The list is organized by pattern; only patterned ...

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GARMENTS OF THE OTTOMAN SULTANS Dr. Sumiyo Okumura. The Turks are a society devoted to their traditions, and this extends to their dress. Şalvar (trousers), inner robes, and kaftan (outer gown or robe) they wore in Central Asia came to Anatolia with the Seljuks (1037-1157) and continued to be worn by the Ottomans.

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PLA History. The People's Liberation Army (PLA) was built on several millennia of tradition and a century of Western military innovations. It traces its origins to the August 1, 1927, Nanchang ...

Confederate names would be stripped from military bases ...

Jun 11, 2020· WASHINGTON – The names of Confederate generals would be stripped from bases, building, planes, ships and even streets within three years under a sweeping amendment approved by the Senate Armed ...

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Dec 07, 2002· Used as the name of the flowing outer garment worn by the ancients, esp. the Roman toga. Hence after Roman usage: 'The dress of peace' (J.). A more or less flowing outer robe indicating the wearer's office, profession, or status: a. as worn by the holder of a civil or legal or parliamentary office, e.g. an alderman, a judge, magistrate; also ...

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Clothing terminology comprises the names of individual garments and classes of garments, as well as the specialized vocabularies of the trades that have designed, manufactured, marketed and sold clothing over hundreds of years.. Clothing terminology ranges from the arcane (watchet, a pale blue color name from the 16th century) (), and changes over time in response to fashion which in turn ...

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Camouflage is the use of any combination of materials, coloration, or illumination for concealment, either by making animals or objects hard to see, or by disguising them as something else. Examples include the leopard's spotted coat, the battledress of a modern soldier, and the leaf-mimic katydid's wings. A third approach, motion dazzle, confuses the observer with a conspicuous pattern ...

Confederate names on military bases and Civil War history

Jul 06, 2020· Confederate names on military bases: Other views What people are saying about U.S. military bases named after Confederate generals and the movement to rename them.

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Discover the heroes in your family tree in the U.S. Military Collection – including millions of U.S. military records, covering almost 400 years of American wars and conflicts. With more than 100 million names and 700 titles and databases of military records from all 50 U.S. states, there are countless opportunities to learn the ...

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