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Sep 09, 2016· For the Bundesgrenzwache, the design idea is going to be a very militaristic-style of police-military hybrid uniform (something like [url=WIP-Fictional-German-National-Guard-453115701]this[/url], but without that hideous blue and green of course...), but I …

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#329 Military Uniforms Under Scrutiny #330 Supermarkets Gobbling Up All The Customers? #331 Swept Away #332 Summit Security Spending Stirs Strife #333 No Sace, No Sace At All #334 Blot Out Bauhaus? ... Maintained by Milo, known on NationStates as Milostein and Trotterdam.

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Mar 10, 2019· Born out of the ruins of the decadent Weimar Republic, a Third Reich was proclaimed in Germany in 1934 after an election that saw the rise of the DNVP into power. With Germany in shatters, the fervent nationalist Erhard Falkenrath has led the deprived nation into a new era of prosperity and national salvation.

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Army: The uniforms of our generals. Special Forces: The dress uniforms of our Juggernauts. AIR FORCE: The uniforms of our Enlisted. The uniforms of our Air Force Generals. JOINT MARSHALS----The uniforms of our Marshals. (Heads of the military). Kremlin Guard and Parade: These are Ceremonial Uniforms that are only to be worn on very special ...

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Design custom work uniforms online. Featuring high quality polos, work shirts, safetywear, and more. Free Shipping, Live Help, and tons of design ideas.

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Marlow White Uniforms, Inc. can provide high quality, military spec uniforms to Military Academies at competitive prices. Please email our team with your request for information at [email protected] Marlow White Uniforms, Inc. strives to answer ALL e-mail inquiries the same day - though some can take a full business day. ...

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Aug 12, 2019· As part of their war against the Soviet forces invading Afghanistan, the Mujahidin, anti-Communist troops trained and supplied by the U.S.A., Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other countries, have launched an offensive in the Jalalabad area. Pictured here is a Mujahidin soldier in his camp of Samarkhel, wearing a military cap of the Red Army, his ...

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Oct 24, 2012· Military Photos & Multimedia. Design your own army uniforms ===== for fun all in. Thread starter Mootaz-khelifi; Start date Oct 24, 2012; Mootaz-khelifi FULL MEMBER. Mar 28, 2012 1,507 1 1,665 Country Location. Oct 24, 2012 #1 You can use this. my work 1. work 2. I put Syrian flag because is an UN mission in Syria . Like: 2 ...

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Apr 30, 2017 - This is for my NationStates nation, Paramountica. Recolored and reconfirmed based off Uniforms by @Tounushifan ^>^

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Official military uniform Combat uniforms: Dress uniforms: .. All credit goes to Melicorium for designing this uniform. All I did was write this dispatch. The United States of Cohuila Y Tejas. Edited: 32 days ago. Raw • Report. NationStates by Max Barry, ...


Feb 09, 2017· ARMY BRANCH INSIGNIA. The Army is a large organization, made up of many different branches. Generally, your Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) determines your branch. Below you'll find a list of each branch, a description of its role within the U.S. Army structure, and its unique insignia.

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A nation state is a state in which a great majority shares the same culture and is conscious of it. The nation state is an ideal in which cultural boundaries match up with political boundaries. According to one definition, "a nation state is a sovereign state of which most of its subjects are united also by factors which defined a nation such as language or common descent."

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Saved from Dispatch | Military - Uniform and Stats. Ranks Game. However, I think that field uniform is more recognisable than the decorative ones, with their practical placement of pockets for essentials, harnesses and holsters etc, and so I might use it. However, they have a very different air to the usual casual jacket that ...

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Combat Uniform Builders (Army/Air Force - OCP) Showing Results 1 to 5 of 5 Total Army OCP Combat Uniform Builder. $ 29.99. Add to cart. Air Force OCP Combat Uniform Builder. $ 29.99. Add to cart. Army Patrol Cap Sew-On Service (OCP) $ 13.99. Add to …

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The standard issue combat uniform of the Army of Reijekstan. On the left is a Summer uniform, and on the right is a Winter one. All soldiers come equipped with an AK-47 (actually an AKM) assault rifle. As well as other important gear. All uniforms are the same pattern, as it can blend in with most of the country. ... NationStates by Max Barry, ...

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FABRICS FOR UNIFORMS Meltons: Please see our entire range of melton wools for your uniform needs in every imaginable color, weight and weave. Doeskins: wool blazers in a wide range of colors normally used by armed forces of any army any era. Camouflage "Camo" fabrics: We have an ex-stock range of over 60 camouflage prints from all over the world.

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The United States Army was one of the principal branches involved in projecting American power throughout the Resource Wars and the principal operator of power armor.It was the Army that held the line in Alaska for over a decade and eventually led the decisive push into Anchorage in 2077. Together with the Air Force, the Army also maintained nuclear forces and was responsible for operating the ...

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Nation-states have their own characteristics that today may be taken-for-granted factors shaping a modern state, but that all developed in contrast to pre-national states. The most obvious impact of the nation-state is the creation of a uniform national culture through state policy.

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Jan 29, 2011· Army Undress Uniforms The sword frog for the undress uniform is transfered from the dress uniform and clipped to the white sword belt of the undress uniform. Army Garrison (Daily wear) Uniforms The jacket may be worn open except when in formation. Enlisted and NCO's wear rank on sleeve while Officers wear rank on hat and collar.

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Zylian Military Main Uniforms. Zylian Advanced Force Uniforms. Exo-suits. Exo-suits mark 2. Juggernaut Exo. None of these are mine, and they are actually made by artists on deviantart Zylia. 3 years 37 days ago. Raw • Report. NationStates by Max Barry, ...

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