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Ballistic Resistant Protective Materials (Revision)

This document, NIJ standard-0108.01, Ballistic Resistant Protective Materials, is an equipment Standard developed by the Law Enforcement Standards Laboratory of the National Bureau of Standards. It is produced as part of the Technology Assessment Program of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). A

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NIJ means National Institute of Justice. It's just one office of many in the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). There are five basic levels covered by the National Institute of Justice. They have outlined the testing conditions, protocols, and all other technical specifications that an engineer or designer needs to ensure his armor meets the test.

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The Level IIA threat level against low velocity handgun rounds, such as the 9mm FMJ RN and the .40 S&W FMJ, no longer appears in the new NIJ Standard 0101.07.The Level II threat level is renamed NIJ HG1. Test rounds used are the same as in the previous NIJ 0101.06 Standard, namely 9mm FMJ RN and .357 Mag. JSP.


Dec 11, 2016· NIJ Levels - US National Institute of Justice NIJ Ballistic Levels Protection ( Level IIA, Level II, Level IIIA, Level III and Level IV) Body armor is a critical safety piece of safety equipment that has saved the lives of thousands of people. However people who are in the market for body armor often find it difficult to assess which choice is right for them. There are a few primary factors to ...

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NIJ Level IIA body armor can withstand a few more low caliber threats, including 9 mm FMJ RN and 40 S&W FMJ. NIJ Level II body armor can defeat up to 9mm FMJ RN and .357 Mag JSP. NIJ certified level IIIA protection can defeat most common handgun rounds, including 9 mm FMJ RN, .357 SIG FMJ FN JHP and .44 Mag SJHP.

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NIJ Body Armour Protection Levels All ballistic and/or edged blade and/or spike resistant vests are tested to different levels and are designed to serve different uses and purposes. More specifically, a vest that is certified to protect against bullet threats may offer no protection to stab threats and vice versa.

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Jan 18, 2019· The most common body armor level is NIJ threat level III solid core body armor with ceramic or steel plates that will withstand all handgun rounds, as well as rifle fire in calibers of up to 7.62mm NATO FMJ. The highest NIJ body armor plate level rating is level IV, which will stop rounds of up to 30/06 steel core armor-piercing bullets.

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NIJ Certified Level IIIA. $499.00. Concealable. Multi-Threat Vest NIJ Certified Level IIIA. $499.00. Tactical Enhanced. Multi-Threat Vest NIJ Certified Level IIIA. $549.00. Government Certified Body Armor Shipped Directly From The Factory To Your Door! Shop Our Store. 2385 NW Executive Dr., Suite 100 Boca Raton, FL 33431

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Ultra-thin, Lightweight and portable this ballistic armor package is a high performance, discrete protection against hand guns & knives. Designed and packaged to be carried anywhere Tested to NIJ Level IIIA 0106.01 which includes 44 magnum & 9mm

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Specifications: Ballistics: Tested to NIJ Level III+ / NIJ-0101.06 Ballistic Capability: Multi-Hit, will defeat M855 5.56mm 62gr, 7.62x39 12gr Ball Ballistic...

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NIJ 0108.01 Standard Chart. Home Ballistic StandardsNIJ 0108.01 Standard Chart . NIJ Standard -0108.01 Ballistic Resistant Protective Material. Armor Type Test Ammunition Nominal Bullet Mass Suggested Barrel Length Required Bullet Velocity Required Hits Per Armor Specimen Permitted Penetration; I: 22 LRHV Lead 38 Special RN Lead: 2.6g 40gr

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Jan 07, 2020· The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) focuses on research, development, and evaluation of crime control and justice issues. NIJ provides objective, independent, evidence-based knowledge and tools to meet the challenge of criminal justice, particularly at local and state levels.

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Aug 20, 2019· The NIJ (National Institute of Justice) is the main governing body for armor sold in the United States and sets the standards for the various protection and performance levels. NIJ standards are broken down into seven threat levels: Level II; Level IIIA; Level III; Level IV; Spike Level 1; Spike Level 2; Spike Level 3; Level II and IIIA are ...

Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor NIJ Standard-0101

the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. ... that provides the level of performance required by a purchasing agency. Publication of this revision of the standard does not invalidate or render unsuitable any body armor models previously determined by NIJ to be

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NIJ-Level. Patrone/Munition. Dicke in mm. Geschwindigkeit. Ft/sec. M/sec. IIA . All .22 LR, .25, .32, .380, .38 & .40 S&W .22Mag. 40gr Speer FMJ 9mm 115gr JHP Rem, Hornady, Federal 9mm 115gr Cor-Bon JHP 9mm 115gr STHP Winchester 9mm 124gr FMJ Rem 9mm 124gr IMI Black Tip 9mm 124grW-W Nato FMJ+P 9mm 124gr JHP Federal Hydra-Shok HP 9mm 124gr LHP ...

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Level IV is the highest rifle plate rating under the NIJ personal body armor specs at this time. A level IV must stop a single hit of 7.62MM AP "Black Tip", which is effectively a .30-06 Armor Piercing bullet. Note the difference in shot count between a level III (6 shots) and level IV (1 shot) certification.

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Feb 22, 2018· The NIJ ballistic resistance standard classifies body armor by levels of ballistic performance. For any performance level, NIJ's test protocol requires that the bullet does not perforate the vest and that the vest protects against blunt trauma.

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National Institute of Justice (NIJ) 018.01; Rating Ammunition Weight (grains) Weight (grams) Min/Max (meters/sec) Min/Max (feet/sec) Number of shots; Level I.22 long rifle high velocity lead: 40: 2.6: 320 +/- 12: 1050 +/- 40: 5: Level I.38 special round nose lead: 158: 10.2: 259 +/- 15: 850 +/- 50: 5: Level II.357 mag. jacketed soft point: 158 ...

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National Institute of Justice Ratings for Body Armor NIJ Standard 0101.03, 0101.04. While no body armor can offer protection in all circumstances, an adequate level of body armor will protect the wearer from the majority of pistol rounds, and can provide a significantly improved level of safety.

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We continually work to provide the highest level of quality and performance in all of our .06 compliant armor offerings. The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) 0101.06 Standard is the latest compliance standard in regards to modern body armor and supersedes the 2005 Interim Requirement Standard (August 2005) and 0101.04 Rev.

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