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Uniforms of the U.S. Navy 1918-1919

By a Uniform Change 27 of 17 March 1919, the present day double-breasted blue service coat was authorized to replace the single-breasted fly front coat first authorized in 1877. The sack coat was similar to that worn by officers of the British Navy during the war and in …


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Uniforms. In the modern sense, uniforms appeared in seventeenth‐century Europe with the development of professional armies; functionally, they identify members of the military, distinguish units, and help establish group cohesion. Source for information on Uniforms: The Oxford Companion to American Military History dictionary.

French Army Uniforms - Fort Ticonderoga

Jun 15, 2017· In general, French army uniforms were white; that is regular French Infantry regiments wore white uniforms. Foreign regiments were often distinguished by different colors. German regiments often wore blue coats, Swiss and Irish regiments wore red, and Maison du Roi or regiments had their own distinctive colors. A French infantry ...

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The American Soldier, 1781. The troops in this painting wear the uniforms prescribed in the regulations of 1779 and supplied at the time of the Yorktown campaign -- blue coats with distinctive facings for the infantry regiments from four groups of states: New England; New York and New Jersey; Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and ia; and the Carolinas and Georgia.

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American Revolution: Soldiers Uniforms and Gear

Uniforms are also a way of telling the ranks of the soldiers. By the stripes, badges, and piping on coats as well as the style of hats, soldiers could tell the rank of the officer and would know who was in charge. American Uniforms The first American soldiers were local militia. Many of them weren't trained soldiers and they didn't have uniforms.

History of US Navy Uniforms, 1776-1981

The regulations of 1841 not only set forth the first description of an enlisted uniform, but also the first grooming regulations. The uniform was a blue woolen frock with white collars and cuffs, blue trousers, blue vests, black handkerchief and shoes. The collars and breasts of the frock coats were lined in blue.

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Unfortunately, much of the early history of the Revenue Cutter Service was lost due to British forces setting fire to U.S. government buildings in 1814, and an unrelated fire in 1833. Historians know that the uniforms worn by members of the Continental Navy featured blue coats with red lapels and a …

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Jun 10, 2020· The origin of the blue Army service uniform goes back to the earliest days of the nation when General George Washington issued a general order October 1779 prescribing blue coats with differing facings for the various state troops, artillery, artillery artificers and light dragoons.

Blue Coats to Modern Military Uniforms: A History of U.S ...

Jun 13, 2018· Modern military uniforms are the result of centuries of refinement, the apex of function and efficiency – and it all started with a blue coat and white overalls. Changes to the United States military uniform have been gradual but the goal has always been the same: keep our boys safe, keep them stocked, and keep America strong.

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Uniforms of the RevolutionUNIFORMS OF THE REVOLUTION. Military apparel of standard material, cut, color, and appearance came into widespread use only about a century before the American Revolution. Several trends influenced the adoption of uniforms. Because regimental commanders in European armies were required to furnish their men with clothing, and clothing was cheaper to buy in …

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The infantrymen are headed by their musicians in reversed colors -- red coats with blue facings. The Army of 1784 was not always able to furnish uniforms even for the small number of troops in the service. The New Jersey detachment in 1784, for example, was issued some blue coats with white facings, the old uniform of the New England line.


The 2nd Regiment wore blue coats faced with buff and had brass helmets with blue turbans; the 3rd Regiment wore white coats with light blue facings, while the 4th Regiment initially wore captured British uniforms or red with blue facings, later changed to green coats with red facings. [SOURCE: R. J. …

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The uniforms of the British Army currently exist in twelve categories ranging from ceremonial uniforms to combat dress (with full dress uniform and frock coats listed in addition). Uniforms in the British Army are specific to the regiment (or corps) to which a soldier belongs.Full dress presents the most differentiation between units, and there are fewer regimental distinctions between ...

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From 1793, the uniforms of the demi-brigades of the line infantry wore the blue "National Uniform" that was to be worn by all soldiers. However, for a long time, line infantry were a mix of the new blue coats worn by the National Guard and the white uniforms of seasoned veterans from the old Royal army. The blue dress was named the "National Uniform" and was worn by all line infantry by 1796.

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The infantrymen are headed by their musicians in reversed colors -- red coats with blue facings. The Army of 1784 was not always able to furnish uniforms even for the small number of troops in the service. The New Jersey detachment in 1784, for example, was issued some blue coats with white facings, the old uniform of the New England line.

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