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Velocity Systems Special Threat Ceramic Plates side view. These plates only come in a 10×12 inch traditional cut size, but they're tripled curved to hug the contour of your body and are 0.60 inches thick. Each plate weighs 6 pounds, which does put them on the heavier–but more protective–end of things.

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Ballistic plates . Posted by Juan Mellado on 19th Aug 2018 Good product . View All Close × Please note: PayPal checkout is disabled for carts that contain products with restrictions due to PayPal's acceptable use policy. ...

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3 models Vism Fast Plate Carrier w/2 10x12in Level III and PE Shooters Cut Hard Ballistic Plates $412.99 (Save 21%) $324.99 Vism Hard Side Ballistic Plate (1) $80.07 (Save 18%) $65.99

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Bulletproof Vest Plates AR500 Steel Plates . Spartan Armor AR500 Steel Plates. AR500 steel plate s are ballistic plates /inserts used in plate carriers. Body armor plates are used to protect the wearer against serious injuries from high-impact direct hits and abrasions from small arms fire, incoming shrapnel and knife threats. AR500 is the same steel alloy used in body armor plates sold to ...

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Shop body armor plates, ideal for use in law enforcement and security management. Our body armor plates suit all types of defense needs and protect your workers from trauma. Our threat plates should be used with ballistic gear, primarily with plate and tactical carriers. They offer rifle and gun protection for when your workers are in action.

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Ballistic Plates, Hard hitting Multi hit ballistic armor plates, Level III, Level IV, front, back and side plates available from Protech, Max Pro Police, Ceradyne and others. Ballistic Plates include products such as Ballistic Ceramic Plate Level 4 Stand Alone, Level IV Armor Plates and others offer a variety of options for your varying needs.

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Aug 04, 2020· These pads are designed to be worn on the body side of the ballistic plate and serve to provide shock absorption between the armor plate and the human body. We seal each pad with an ultrasonic sewing machine into waterproof rip-stop nylon covering for durability and sanitary reasons. They are very lightweight and are ¼ inch thick.

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Aug 29, 2020· This plate carrier should adjust to a large range of body types, so you can then just get on with your job and feel secure and comfortable. Other notable features include the Cordura 500D Nylon material used in the construction, side plate pouches, and the built-in inner plate retention straps to keep your plate firmly in place.

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AR500 Armor remains a reliable name in the world of armor plates, tactical armor, and ballistic defense. The company produces both hard and soft body armor, as indicated by the tactical levels. They sell plates and ballistic protection for the chest, sides, back, and more.

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CATI AR500 BODY ARMOR BASE COAT SET 10x12s & 6x8 SIDE Plates Ballistic Steel. $149.95. 2 sold. FOAM Non-Ballistic Trauma Pad for AR500 Body Armor -1/2 INCH SINGLE 10x12 . $9.99. 1 sold. Sponsored Listings. Body Armor AR500 Level 3 Set Of Curved 10x12 Plates In Stock Immediate Shipping. $89.95.

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Jul 05, 2018· Note they are still over an inch thick. Available in nine sizes and cuts, plus side plates. The polyethylene plates are positively buoyant, and the polyurea liner provides protection from UV, salt water, gasoline, and JP fuels. Midwest recently introduced the 1.25-inch thick FM3+ plate ($599), adding ceramic to the mix and allowing it to stop M855.

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Ballistic Plates & Speed Plates. When preparing for your patrol shift making sure you have the appropriate amount of body armor is imperative. Law enforcement officers are required to wear body armor under their uniforms while they are on duty.

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This ballistic armor carrier features six rows of PALS webbing, an integrated kangaroo pouch and an admin pouch with gusseted zipper closure. This Berry Compliant vest also fits over soft body armor and accepts up to 10"x12" Level III & IV ESAPI or similar plates/plate backers.

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Shellback Tactical Prevail Series 6 x 8 Inch Stand Alone Level III Hard Armor Side Plate Model AR1000 $129.99 $119.99. Compare. Add To Cart. Shellback Tactical Side Armor Plate Kit with Level IV Model 4S17 Plates $346.97 $269.99. Compare. Choose Options.

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Fast Plate Carrier w/UHMWPE Curved 10"X12' Level IIIA Shooter's Cut 2X Hard Ballistic Plates [Small-2XL] BUCCVPCF2995-A

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VISM Ballistic Armor Soft Panel Complete SET. 2ea Shooters Cut 10"X12" Level IIIA Soft Plates AND 2ea 6"x8" Level IIIA Side Plates, all capable of stopping 9mm and .44 Mag rounds VISM Ceramic PE Ballistic Plate - Shooters Cut 10"X12" Level IV

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These side-plate carriers accommodates BLACKHAWK!® Ballistic Ceramic Side Plates up to 6 inches by 8 inches. Features. Constructed of 500 denier CORDURA® nylon (MultiCam®) or 500 denier ripstop nylon (solid colors) Accommodates BLACKHAWK!® Ballistic Ceramic Side Plates …

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Hard or Soft Armor Plates are anti-ballistic panels usually fitted into Plate Carriers and some Bullet Proof Vests or Tactical Vests.They come in variable levels of protection such as NIJ Level III or IIIA allowing you to tailor your tactical gear collection based on your needs.

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The most significant burden of rifle plate body armor is the weight with which it comes. Our goal is to offer high quality rifle plates that almost anyone can wear for hours. For those of you who require maximum protection we offer some of the lightest Level 4 Rifle Plates available.

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Hard or Soft Armor Plates are anti-ballistic panels usually fitted into Plate Carriers and some Bullet Proof Vests or Tactical Vests.They come in variable levels of protection such as NIJ Level III or IIIA allowing you to tailor your tactical gear collection based on your needs.

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