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Tactical Medical Practitioner (TMP) is one of the most comprehensive Tactical EMS training programs for any EMT or Paramedic, who operates on a tactical team. With the current and emerging threats that face law enforcement today, integration of skilled medical support is critical to mission success.

Tactical Medic Unit

Tactical Medic Unit. The Tactical Medic Unit was formed in June of 2016, and consists of one Lieutenant, one Sergeant and eight Officers. The Tactical Medic Unit's primary mission is to respond to calls for service with special threat situations and to provide emergency medical care until the scene is secure enough for other EMS providers to respond.

What is a Tactical Medic? (with pictures)

Aug 28, 2020· A tactical medic is a health care professional who is trained to provide supportive medical care for law enforcement and members of military while in the field. Tactical medicine is a rapidly advancing field that benefits from research and development in the military, as well as ongoing research that takes place within law enforcement ...

The Tactical Medic

Welcome to The Tactical Medic. We have used our 20+ years of military and industry experience to select products and service for our customers at the lowest prices possible. We ONLY sell products that we ourselves would use (and in most cases have used) in the field. Please browse through our store and shop with confidence.

Tactical EMS / TEMS

The Tactical EMS / TEMS topic area gives EMS providers all the relevant news and information they need to keep up to date on this ever-changing element of critical injury care and medical response ...

Dark Angel Medical - Tactical IFAK and Trauma Kits - Every ...

Here at Dark Angel Medical, when you purchase a kit, you're purchasing a kit for life. If you ever have to use one of our kits to save a life, let us know, and we will replace any components used. For free! Trauma Kits. Trauma kits equipped with what you need to help stop the bleeding and start the breathing.

Basic Tactical Medical Instructor Training Program | FLETC

Tactical Medical is a systematic approach to dealing with casualties in a tactical environment. It is strongly influenced by the model used by the Department of Defense called Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). As the name implies, TCCC incorporates tactical problem solving into any situation in which casualties are incurred from an armed ...

EMT-Tactical (EMT-T) Course | Counter Narcotics and ...

EMT-Tactical (EMT-T) Course The CONTOMS Program strives to ensure that each student is provided with the proper student to faculty ratio to m aximize the learning benefit. In order to maximize this benefit, the EMT-T class will typically be limited to forty (40) students maximum.

Tactical EMS Gear

tactical ems gear Give first responders & EMTs the gear they need to respond to emergency situations with TheEMSStore's wide selection of tactical EMS gear. Designed to treat gunshot & knife wounds, the Gunshot Trauma Aid Kit is an excellent kit to have on patrol, at a shooting range, or anywhere firearms are present or a gunshot wound is possible.

Are you looking for the best Tactical Medicine Equipment ...

Authorized provider of tactical medicine training, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, First Care Provider for Law Enforcement, TECC, & Bleeding Control training courses. We are a single source solution for IFAK, tourniquets, pressure bandages, bleeding control kits, and tactical medic …

Tactical Medicine Instructor Course, LE/MIL TacMed ...

The Tactical Medicine (TacMed) Course for Law Enforcement Instructors combines both live-fire and tactical medicine exercises in a 2-day, 20-hour class. Our curriculum, in accordance with the Principle Guidelines of Instruction set by the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC), covers the fundamentals of tactical medicine, the ...

Tactical Combat Casualty Care

TCCC-MP (TCCC for Medical Personnel) is a 2-day classroom course for military medical personnel including medics, corpsmen, and pararescue personnel deploying in support of combat operations. TCCC-AC (TCCC for All Combatants) is a 1-day classroom course for non-medical military personnel and includes first responder skills appropriate for ...

Tactical Military Medical Supplies | North American Rescue

Aug 28, 2020· Utilizing the principle guidelines of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and the application of cutting edge technology, NAR remains your dedicated partner in tactical medicine, empowering the warfighter/operator and Unconventional Medic® bravely positioned in harm's way in order to save the lives of others.

911 TACTICAL MEDICINE - 911 Tactical Medicine

medical kits We are proud to hire military veterans who represent the best trained and experienced personnel in our industry. At 911 Tactical Medicine, all of our instructors are hand-selected based on their experience in their respective disciplines, and the proven ability to teach others passionately.

PrepMedic - YouTube

This channel is designed to bring medical preparedness to Youtube. I hope to use my experience as a paramedic, reserve deputy sheriff, and tactical medic to ...

Tactical Medical Bags You Can Count On | Rescue Essentials

Rescue Essentials offers an outstanding variety of packs and pouches for combat medical kits and tactical trauma kits. These packs are designed and organized to provide versatile, reliable storage, access, and transport for your medical and field supplies. Created specifically for military, law enforcement, and rescue medical applications ...


TMI specializes in tactical law enforcement medicine and military combat medicine, including tactical combat and emergency casualty care. TMI offers training and education, as well as operational medical support for civilian tactical (SWAT) teams, the Department of Homeland Security, the United States Military, and Department of Defense contractors.

How to Become a SWAT Medic: Education and Career Roadmap

SWAT medics are usually paramedics who have received specialized training in tactical medicine. Police officers may choose to obtain emergency medical training to become SWAT medics as well, but ...

ACEP // What is Tactical Medicine?

Tactical Medicine, or Tactical Emergency Medicine, is the medical specialty that involves the services and emergency medical support necessary to preserve the safety, physical and mental health, and overall well-being of military and law enforcement (SWAT) special operations (tactical) personnel and others at the scene of critical incident deployments and training.

24-7 EMS Online: Tactical EMS (V2)

This program provides general information on the role of the tactical medic, the types of emergency scenes to which a tactical medic responds, and the training and skills preparation specific to the position. Featuring Bill Justice, Assoc. Director University of Oklahoma Center for Pre-hospital and Disaster Medicine.

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