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Aug 29, 2014· I have absolutely no filters for my gas mask. Is there any filters I can find in like 20 seconds before I die because I really don't want to go back to Market or something and buy filters and replay everything. Take it off and run. Put it back on for a second then back off again. Rinse and repeat until you find more filters.

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Make your way over to the hole in the wall and climb the stairs to the guardhouse just inside to find a cache of equipment – Gas Mask, +30 Military Grade Rounds, ammo and a Custom Weapon. Return down the stairs and look between the two tents opposite the hole in the fence to find a corpse with some ammo. To the right of this, enter the open ...

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Aug 29, 2015· I restarted the whole chapter and found 2 stashes and dead bodies I didn't find before, finished the chapter with 8 minutes of filters left. Like others have said, idleing in Gas Mask locations is a no-no, and searching around(But not wasting time) is very important. I restarted the chapter and i already choke rught at the start.

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It is easiest to start with the gas station. Head forward through the fence and over to the left. Just follow the water's edge and you will find a pair of red flag markers. Check the truck for a new gas mask and filters. After that make a run for the inside of the gas station. There you will find the first few canisters that may have gas in them.

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Each time you replace a filter, wherever the timer is at, you lose that full filter. The timer on the filter only counts down when you are in a toxic area, otherwise you are free to wear the gas mask without filter penalty (however, you risk needlessly cracking the helmet during combat if you are wearing it …

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How about a dangerous rover looking to scavenge a supposedly long-dead city? This gas mask is the perfect thing to set you in the right direction. The unconventional teeth-like molding in front, as well as the spikes on the filters, ensures that people won't think your mask is of military issue. Faded metallic colors and intricate details make ...

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Very often in locations that require the use of a gas mask (mainly in buildings), you can find filters hidden in cabinets, etc. It is, therefore, a good idea to search the room in order to replenish damaged stockpiles. Craft Gas Mask Filters. The optimal idea is to create filters for the gas mask using the backpack or a workbench.

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Sep 19, 2019· Purchase Link. 3M FR-7800B Rubber Respirator Gas Mask. This is a top tier model gas mask and respirator. It features a unique double flange face sealing surface that enhances fit and protection and contains a speaking diaphragm that improves voice amplification and clarity.

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Aug 28, 2014· Locating all of them will earn you the "Ranger" trophy or achievement. The stashes are essentially ammo, weapons and other items. Sometimes the corpse of a soldier counts as a stash, other times it's ammo in a wooden box, a safe filled with military grade rounds, or even just a gas mask filter …

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Gas Mask: Protects the player in a hazardous environment filled with radiation and/or poisonous gas. Requires Filters to function properly. Can be damaged by attacks, decreasing filter effectiveness. Damaged masks can be replaced by new ones found on corpses. N/A (Can be looted from corpses)

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When you look at your hand - you will see your inventory to the left of the screen --- below the gas mask is a number, this is not your filters but the time you have left....slowly watch it as it will decrease as you play in an area that requires the gas mask...I currently have mine at 21 minutes (this is the game minutes and not realistic minutes) also take note that once your mask is cracked ...

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Mar 03, 2019· Follow Miller. You'll wade through the water and enter a glowing green area with piles of corpses. Walk up the slope and turn around to face the skeleton at the desk.

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May 18, 2013· THE CROSSING BRIDGE DEPOT THE DEAD CITY RED SQUARE THE GARDEN POLIS D6 . ... where you'll be given a Gas Mask and some filters for that. ... I will give you the locations of all the filters you ...

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Feb 24, 2019· Speed matters since the filters on your gas mask will only last so long. Enter the Mill Head inside, be sure to grab the green glowing mushrooms on your way and throughout this area.

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The Dead City. Follow Miller to the car and he'll take you on a ride for a while. ... The air is breathable here so you can take off your gas mask. ... Loot the place, you'll find Air Filters and ...

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Apr 05, 2012· Dead City 2 - мертвому городу 2. There is an achievement for both this level (Dead City 2) and the previous one (Dead City 1). If you locate all the "Ranger Caches", you will satisfy ...

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Metro Exodus has 91 collectibles. 70 Diary Pages and 21 Post Cards. You can get these through chapter select if you miss any and will immediately save to your profile when you pick one up. Dead City has 10 collectibles. 8 Diaries and 2 Postcards 0:03 Postcard #20 0:40 Diary - Radiogram Transcript 0:55 Diary - Weathered Report 1:16 Diary - Orders 1:31 Postcard #21 1:55 Diary - Notebook 2:15 ...

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35. Chapter 26 - The Dead City: Early in the chapter, look for a table with a phone to find a diary page next to it. 36. Chapter 26 - The Dead City: After being attacked by the mutant, just as you step off the ladder onto the building roof, look by its nest to find a diary page. 37.

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Apart from the filters described above, you should also remember about replacing your gas mask. As a result of the battles you fight, your mask is damaged, which is depicted by the cracks that gradually appear in your vision. That is why, apart from filters, it is also a good idea to search for new masks, which can usually be found on corpses.

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