victoria 2 can t import military equipment as persia

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Jun 08, 2020· Persia has one native Decision, namely "Establish The Dar al-Funun". This is unlocked when Persia's literacy reaches above 10% and gives a boost of research points as well as a permanent 10% increase in research points, this comes with 0.50 consciousness to all pops though. Persia is one of the most interesting nations Victoria 2 has to offer.

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May 01, 2020· Two Sicilies is the most southern of the Italian states. It starts as a Secondary power with the largest army, largest population, and huge industrial potential. Together with Sardinia-Piedmont, it's one of the only Italian minors that's isn't in a sphere.. All in all Two Sicilies makes a …

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you're overpaying imo, ebay sold items start from $150. the machine itself is pretty nice, an s model that has the dual battery setup and a full size 2.5 drive slot. it doesn't have hdmi and the dual core U has it's limits. if you can get one for $200 or less it's a good deal.

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Sep 13, 2011· Check the trade screen and see what is most valuable at that time. The importance and the price of goods vary throughout the game. A valuable recource in 1840, can be worth very little 40 years later. newly researched factories are always a good choice, since there probably ain't many countries producing that resource yet.

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Jan 04, 2019· Tariffs obviously provide a source of income for your government. They also make it more attractive for your pops to buy from domestic sources, rather than import foreign goods, aiding your artisans and factories at the cost of making some items which cannot be obtained locally more expensive for …

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Jun 08, 2016· I'm literally punching the desk out of frustration that I can't move troops from Italy down to Ethiopia to help in the war. How the ♥♥♥♥ do you get armies across water? < > Showing 1-4 of 4 comments . Kaustek. Jun 8, 2016 @ 3:02pm You must first have them on a region that has a port, then move them to another region with a port. ...

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As a general form of strategy, I won't give too much away; but be aggressive! Grab as many easy provinces as you can in arab peninsular and Afghanistan, make a bunch of allies with nearby small nations and backstab each other. Focus on military, which will get you to …

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The British Army during the Victorian era served through a period of great technological and social change.Queen Victoria ascended the throne in 1837, and died in 1901. Her long reign was marked by the steady expansion and consolidation of the British Empire, and industrialisation and the enactment of liberal reforms (by both Liberal and Conservative governments) within Britain.

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The Ottoman Empire seems like an "immediate physical borders" kind of empire - you can't really trust most of your immediate neighbours to not try something suspicious, so I would want to be sure that dominance would be asserted over the immediate area. 2. The Alliance with Prussia is certainly useful.

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The Victoria 2 Historical Project Mod is an attempt to improve the game Victoria 2: A Heart of Darkness without changing the base game experience too much. ... Persia should start with cores on Afganistan (as they pressed this claim in 1856). ... It kills AI industry since they don't build factories and their military drops tremendously. Reply ...

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I mentioned in another thread about possibly making Super Germany in Victoria 2. I redid everything last night and took some screenshots to share. ... We took Brunei and south Sokoto to prep for colonization. I upgraded my military ports so I can make a larger navy and colonize later. I also built 2 major Canals. I am the number 1 super power ...

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Sep 05, 2011· Remember supply limit, lots of desert and mountainous areas in Persia that can make you lose all your troops to attrition. Also, unless you get the reform that allows you to take debt, you can't actually go into debt/go bankrupt. If you aren't making money and have the education spending slider at , you still the education increase.

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Jan 03, 2011· First, be the USA. Then release the nation of New England. Save the game. Edit the save file to remove vassalization (Victoria 2 uses the same engine as EU3, so satellites are vassals). Then establish Miskatonic University in Arkham and take over the world for the Lovecraftian Mythos! (check out "Victoria 2decisionsMostlyHarmless.txt")

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Mar 27, 2018· Victoria 2 HFM mod - Persia 2 - Duration: 28:20. GreenFors 3,818 views. 28:20. Mix Play all Mix - GreenFors YouTube; How To Form Super Germany Quickly And Easily As Prussia In Victoria 2 …

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Aug 25, 2020· Crusader Kings III is soon upon us and you can pre order it today! Pre order! Releasing September 1st 2020. Enter the night! The wait has been long but it's finally here, Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2! Venture into Seattle's dark alleys and delve into an engrossing story filled with twists, turns and blood!

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Philippines (PHI) is the only civilized nation (if release from Spain) in all Asia in the beginning of the Victoria 2 and Victoria 2 Heart of Darkness. It has three islands that include all the 11 territories that will be granted to this nation: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. In order to become powerful nation and doesn't like to cheat, the following guidelines will show you how you can become ...

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I wanted to thank you on my behalf, and on the behalf of all the other users for hosting the Victoria 2 Wiki and for improving it ! By the way I wanted to know what changes has brought the references function to stop working properly, as in the case of lengthy article such as Victoria II--Niptium 00:45, 17 April 2013 (CEST) . Didn't have the extension for it installed as I never needed it on ...

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As part of the Pan-slavist effort to drastically expand and professionalize the Russian army, a huge program of stockpiling arms and military equipment is undertaken, funded by the large estate taxes, tariffs and taxes on being poor. The last one, you see, is so as to disincentivize people from being poor, thus reducing poverty. Economics!

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Oct 13, 2012· Haven't played far enough into the game for cars, and my capitalists can't build telephone factories because electric gear factories haven't been invented yet. Stratigo said: I also run an indigenous arms manufacturing base at a loss so that troops I build get the equipment they need immediately

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Mar 18, 2017· A pacifist government does not allow defense spending above fifty percent, and you can't convert POPs into soldiers. Anti-Military. These governments do not allow defense spending to go above eighty percent. Pro-Military. These governments do not allow defense spending to fall below ten percent. Jingoism. Jingoistic governments do not allow ...

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